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    Gaming, music, food and eSports.
    Skill is when luck becomes usual

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    i5 2500k at 4.0 GHz
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    R9 290 OC windforce 3 BF4 edition
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    16GB DDR3
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    1TD HDD
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    Razer Tiamat 2.2
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    BenQ XL2420T and Samsung Syncmaster
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    Zalman Z11 plus
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    Razer Anansi MMO keyboard / Razer Naga Molten / Razer Goliathus Speed edition
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  1. Other games?

    Titanfall ftw
  2. EU servers

    Thanks for the image. Guess I'll practise some conquest then to prepare for TF :) Are there any thoughts or plans on doing something with TF?
  3. EU servers

    It is true that the EU TDM server was empty during the day, but so was the US one during the day (us times)   But I can agree with what you said about the empty servers. I won't be playing BF4 any much longer anyway. TitanFall is coming very soon and that'l be my main focus for the next year :)
  4. EU servers

    Well, I don't like it tbh. Now I need to play on the US server and this netcode isnt good with 120 ping
  5. EU servers

    Hello   All EU servers are conquest now. No TDM servers anymore on EU?
  6. Working on populating =ADK= #3

    Lately the EU tdm has been empty all the time. (and when i try to populate it it's stuck on 16 players) Always have to play on the US tdm server. (not fun with 120 ping :D)
  7. Gaming Music?

    I either have a stream on the background or a music broadcast on Grooveshark ^^ I can't play games without music!
  8. I owned some

    I hopped into the EU TDM server and there were 100 tickets left. I started running around, backdooring like a boss. Killing everyone on my path.   Here's a video of it :D   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OThCP8vBB4c   *edit* If you want to see me own some more people, Throw me a follow on twitch ;) (wont be streaming/online that much in the next 3 weeks because I have exams at school *cries a little* :p )
  9. Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays From =ADK=

    Merry Christmas for everyone!
  10. introduction day

    Welcome to ADK sir!
  11. Sick play

    There is this YouTube channel that shows epic BF4 plays. This one is just skill level over 9000.   http://youtu.be/1W1Aj6s7t3E?t=3m20s
  12. Giveaway Winners: Humble Bundle Giveaway

    Gratz Smootie!
  13. Hey

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your journey. Looks like it's going to be an epic journey!
  14. Three word story

    Liked to fart

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