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  1. Do not arouse those who sleep. For any peace you had before they wake will vanish when they quake.

  2. This drop... Max Elto - Shadow Of The Sun (Adventure Club Remix)

  3. Voted Planetside 2 because PS2 is a heck of a lot of fun ESPECIALLY when you get a lot of people together to party.   (And also because I want to see @[member='AOBLXIX'] log into PS2. Nova's BR 100 and AOB's BR 16? Wat is this?)
  4. School's getting to me. I need to chill out with some music. MitiS - Touch

  5. I haven't been on much and I won't be for a while. Find me in TS3, most nights I'm usually on for a bit, if you'd like to talk. If not then PM me here and I'll reply when I can.

  6. School is here so don't expect me to be on much. These past 2 weeks have been busy ones for me.

  7. Star Citizen Pre-Alpha Multiplayer access is now available for every backer!! I'm really enjoying Arena Commander multiplayer!

  8. August is here, last month of summer gaming for me. Going to live it up!!

  9. Need a break from all the FPS gaming I've been doing lately... Minecraft is where I go for this break.

  10. Newbie SC

    Insurance in general, to the best of my knowledge, is still to be determined. That is, insurance now is merely a concept in the devs' minds and words on forum posts. No details of the true insurance system in SC have been confirmed yet. We do know, from Chris Roberts and others in CiG, that if you're playing the game regularly you shouldn't stress over insurance as you will make enough UEC to cover the cost.   I have heard and read that if you repeatedly die (get blown up, crash, fall into a black hole) in SC, the faster you die the slower it will take the "insurance companies" to replace your ship. And also, when you do get your ship back via insurance it's not going to be factory new. It's going to need repairs if you want it back to pristine condition.   If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.   I'll see you in the 'verse!
  11. On the Edge....

    It's not a matter of "Which ship should I buy to get my money's worth?" but rather a matter of "How much do I want to support this game?"   Anything over the $40 Aurora MR+ is showing that you support the game with more money and thus you get different ships and stuff for pledging more money.   @[member='Hackemz'] And ALL* the ships will be available to be obtained in-game by buying them with in-game credits (UEC).       *Well, almost all the ships. A few variants and rare things like the Vanduul Scythe won't be able to be purchased. Now that doesn't mean you can't get them, it means that they're going to be very hard to obtain. i.e. capturing one, stealing one, finding one, etc.
  12. I am very much enjoying playing Risk of Rain even though I die within 7 minutes...

  13. Cookie

    Prepare for the King of the Keeblers / Cookie Overlord to swamp you with cookies...     ( @[member='HighElvenKing'] )
  14. Happy 4th of July ADK!

  15. Heavy Assault with the NS-15M is making me mad certs!

    1. Element


      Don't get mad if someone does it against you!

    2. Dmine243


      xD Yeah I see a lot of other heavys using the NS-15M. Earned my gold medal last night :)


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