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  1. IM AROUND, but on steam ><

  2. Cheesy Methods

    Cant remember alot of my methods ive not played for about a year D= This might not be considered 'cheesey' but it was hilarious lol   But i seem to remember back when i was an admin during server population on explosive allowed servers like TDM etc playing RPG's only. Use to be rather funny shooting @[member='caveman70'] and alot of the other guys directly with an RPG at about 5-10 meters lol   Also i use to snipe alot sniping C4 was fun. 
  3. WARWOLF is Back.

  4. Hello All!

    @[member='FeatherSton3']   Welcome to the forums, short and sweet intro.
  5. Hi

    Welcome   :D
  6. The introducing of a Mettvurst

    @[member='Karybdus']   Haha, short and sweet,    You english is fine.   Welcome to the Forums.
  7. So sad :(

    If you want to dispute your ban so we can look into it ,please use the following link and fill out the form:   http://www.adkgamers.com/form/form/3-battlefield-3-ban-dispute/   If its your first ban itll be temp anyways not permanent.
  8. Server options

    Conquest isn't popular not sure a vote map will change it. Might be a good idea to wait for naval strike and change one or both conquests accordingly.
  9. bipod glitching

    Things are never fair in a warzone, it's the way it is. Learn to adjust to situations better its a battlefield ofc your not going be able to shoot them all the time. Your not suppose to get shot if you can help it. And also it is punishable at C lockers. With screenshot proof and no alot of people don't realise they are doing it because the view point from you, his first person or as a spectator of said player it's all different.
  10. Question about a possibly reportable offense.

    Yea i know you can move once but not more than that, in a short space of time i just figured the Move feature was an AA one, and i know we disabled it.   Thanks for the info for me aswell that answers that for me :P
  11. Question about a possibly reportable offense.

    Ive not seen people use the Assist that much, if im on that server im not looking for team hoppers the explosives and etc are more important. To be honest i thought the Assist was down cause we turned our Admin Assistant off.
  12. Teamspeak hours

    Well put it this way. If there was no way to track team speak hours we wouldn't ask for a minimum :p But yes there's a tracker same as we know how many hours you have played each of our servers :p
  13. Teamspeak hours

    I think there is a way to check though I don't remember how been along time since I was an admin of a TS server. Best bet is to ask a team speak admin.
  14. Teamspeak problem, security

    @[member='swishzilla']   No problem. Hopefully that solved your problem.
  15. Teamspeak problem, security

    @[member='swishzilla']   I helped someone with this issue a little while back, so im going to copy, what i told them here:   If you ever have an error regarding security level this is how to you increase it. I wont go into what it means but its just stuff to do with multiple identities.   1. Open TS Client   2. Go to the 'Settings' tab at the top.   3. Click on 'Identities'   4. A box should come up, with 'Add', 'Remove', 'Default' along the top, on that box down the bottom right there should be an 'Improve' button.   5. Click 'Improve' and itll raise your security level, mine is at 16. 

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