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  1. sup

    Welcome! Never have played H1Z1 before.
  2. Introducing myself.

    Welcome! Maybe you can help me build my pc? <3
  3. Heyo! Cozzi here!

    @[member='Cozzi']  We will definitely play csgo together sometime!  I wish my parents raised me on video games instead of being against them. Enjoy the stay!
  4. New here!

    Holland...so far away. I've never meet someone from there! Welcome!
  5. Hey, I'm New!

    Welcome Nick, that is also my name! Let Nicks rule the world.
  6. Hi Im Daniel

    Welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay :)

    Was pretty good but I'd only see it once.
  8. deadpool

    Best movie of the year so far.  DC definitely failed in making super hero movies this year with batman vs superman, which I would not recommend.
  9. Trump or Clinton

    I'm sad to say but Trump will definitely win over Hillary.
  10. Whats the best true 7.1 headset out their?

    I am using the Hyper X Cloud II and I am not disappointed.
  11. What mouse do you use?

    I use the deathadder 2013 for CS:GO
  12. Happy Birthday iaONELOVEyou

    Happy birthday man!  Should be an exciting day for you! Members profile please take some time to PM him a happy birthday:  http://www.adkgamers.com/user/5347-ialoneloveyou/
  13. Zero_Cool

    I am interested in playing Planetside 2 and CS:GO with people and I am 16. Just find me and teamspeak and start a conversation.  Hope to meet a lot of people soon.  Peace!

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