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  1. How to cook a steak.

    NON STICK TIP: just before you put the meat on, use a paper towel dipped in cooking oil and rub it across the grill with your tongs. Idiots use their hands and quickly learn why tongs were suggested. NONSTICK TIP2: slice an onion in half and use, tongs/fork/grill glove to rub it all over the hot grate before the meat goes on. Both of these are quick easy ways to make that first meat flip a bit easier.
  2. ARMA 3

    This TS channel is slowly picking up as a community. Tons of laughs/serious game play and everything in between.
  3. feels like Monday: Round 2

  4. Arrrrrrrg. The vanu can walk the plank.

  5. boss is on a plane, i brought the gaming rig, SOON!

  6. must log on to PLANETSIDE before ....I....die

  7. back to work, still sick, -15 outside....BLEH

  8. won an alert this a.m.: at least i THINK as i crashed 10 seconds before points awarded.

  9. Tired of running allocation reports, lets run a fire team!

  10. work. been sick last two days. kids are sick too. UGH

  11. epic certs last night/early am

  12. Reading the PS2 developers tweets just pissed me off more. What a f_ck face!

    1. LordsLansing


      Oh please summarize

    2. MogCleric


      basically he was tweeting about getting drunk with friends while watching Planetside2 streams on twitch to see the new ESF's in action while some servers were still not back up after 12hours. I realize he probably is not the one actually doing the patches and fixes + reboot + test + all the other stuff that goes into getting games back up and going ( he has a fleet of nerds for that)....but, I just thought it was in poor taste to let us all know he's enjoying our SC turned into booze...

  13. What's the news on the Implant slot?

  14. hoping to play some PlanetSide tonight

  15. Should I get DAYZ?


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