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  1. Virtue's TDM/DOM BF4 Event

    Thanks again guys for another fun event. Joined at the tail end but still had a blast it was fun to get out of the norm and play with you all.    @[member='Virtue1776'] great job :)
  2. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    It would be nice to see #7 go up on tickets like it was just before the 15000 event. If not that high maybe 1200.   The higher tickets made for some of the most intense rounds I have seen on 7.
  3. Event 15000 WAS FUN

    It indeed was fun, I had a blast..... C4 cookies.... thanks for letting me get that out of my system. 
  4. Good Bye #6

    @[member='SilentKiller166'] Many good times there indeed. Thanks ADK for the memories.
  5. Hey guys.

    @[member='ColColonCleaner'] okie dokie, I have to take my loses and take my wins and turn them into loses (if it gets out of hand) fine no problem.   Could you do something about this team switching asshat? https://gcp.adkgamers.com/player/11109/jng168   If I have to take my loses even if I am winning, no problem. This dude somehow is not on the radar.   I have also noticed if I am not causing a baserape just hanging back and my team takes A I still get on the monitor. I am guessing it takes a look at the top people on the board?
  6. The fun has gone (thanks EricFatman).

    @[member='P0mpey'] No you are not the only one who gets the reaction. They are butthurt that they got caught and know they are wrong. I get a big smile if I get such a reaction because I know I did my job. Don't let asshats discourage you from helping enforce the rules.   Like @[member='NikolaiRimskyK'] stated sometimes you just need to talk to the right person. I find that statement very true. I have yet to see the Admin staff here ignore something without looking into it. I am not saying you will always get the results that you want but you at least know they looked into it.
  7. Hello from Griffin71

    @[member='Griffin71'] nice to see you decided to apply :D
  8. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    @[member='AOBLXIX'] They went to play DayZ and it looks like they caught the bug. I want to get some world #1s so I took a break from Z. 
  9. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    "The change that was made was turning off keep squads and friends together. Because it was turned ON before the other day. So as you say you were all being broken up which wasn't true. People were being moved to balance the teams. And it's still on for the scramble that squads aren't broken up"     The way I read this is ( we turned friends and squad being kept together off and it's still on for the scramble to keep squads together.) This confuses me how can one stay in a squad if that feature is off? This is just what I am getting reading this.   I do know as of 3 days ago I was moved while I had a negative k/d to the other team what is the balancing based on? In case there is doubt I can link the battlelog. The team still lost 503 to 0.   I am not going to complain because when it comes down to it you guys make the rules, we either choose to follow or go elsewhere. I will agree on this I don't think you will ever win on this and I totally understand that. I am actually not even angry about the issue but more or less in a more this sucks mind set. Which in turn should have the other side of the coin saying, "this is awesome! waaaaay better..." 
  10. A Uri free weekend!

    @[member='Urizon'] stream iiiiiiit..... Wait no. I just got over skyrim. Have fun. :-)
  11. Seriously? I have to make one of these?!

    @report Tempestatem poping smoke on the forums. Great guy to have on your team as he is willing to work with the squad to get the objectives done. I do have a problem with his Skills.exe hack..... damn it... it's good and lmao fanboi of a gas pipe shooting (because he can't help himself) idiot. Lol, thanks.   Welcome to the forums
  12. Origin Down --

    @[member='Cagregorio'] @[member='bucknut2006'] Well.... Steam... wtf.... well then... skyrim here I come... I just overcame the addiction.
  13. Origin Down --

    Wait...wait...wait..... Tapped out.... nooooooooo it's my before sleep activity. I hope great things happen to the person(s) responsible.... great things I say.  Oh, well time to fire up steam.
  14. hi

    @[member='Juboboman'] Welcome to ADK. It's been a blast playing BF4 with you. 
  15. Hi

    ..... Brb checking under the bed...in the mean time welcome.

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