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    Saintly Viking
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    =ADK= Saint Viking

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    Houston, Texas
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    Gaming, computers, guns, trucks, space, nachos, pizza, food.... :P

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    Saint Viking
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  • Minecraft

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    Windows 8.1 Pro
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    AMD FX 9590
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    EVGA GTX 970 FTW
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    Ultra 1050W
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    4X8GB Patriot Vipers 1866MHz
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    512GB SSD OCZ and 2 1TB WD Black Edition HDDs
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    32' 4K Flat Screen
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    Corsair Vengeance C70 Military Green
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    Razer Naga Epic, Razer Kraken, Cosair K90
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  1. Do you wanna be my angel? >:D

    1. Element


      Are there benefits?

  2. Meet Our Members #1 - LaithSJ & Silentkiller

    This is a very neat little segment. I like the questions and I'd love to see this continue.  It's a nice quick and easy way to not only spotlight our hardworking members but it also allows us some neat insight into who were interacting with on a day to day basis (they're humans just like us :D).
  3. Why Does K/D Matter So Much?

    I know what you mean. Yesterday (my first day really playing PS2) I managed to kill 8 people and died so many times it was silly ((around 50 or so). The kills were my attempt at protecting my freshly revived teammates so they could get into cover. Luckily my first day didn't end too badly. We should get something like a Revive(Repair)/Death (possibly something else in place of death) Ratio to better showcase our support ability rather than how well we can kill.
  4. I need to find a game to play with others >.<

  5. The Elder Scrolls Online:

    When there is Pay-To-Win people I enjoy crushing them all the more. As if I were saying "Your money won't save you from my wrath!".
  6. Why you'll see more games going F2P

    While I find that almost all F2P games are stupidly one-sided when playing against people who have payed. Some games get it right where the things you buy are mostly cosmetic or only effect you (a sword that glows or a gun that shoots rainbows (you get the idea)). Where as some are like "Give us $5 and we'll give you the best gun possible to mow down those non-paying players". So in a way I hope more games go F2P I hope they do it in the right way, because I mean common who wouldn't play a game if it was free.
  7. PC -vs- PS3

    PC with it's infinite updatability makes it superior to me. Though the ease of use for consoles makes it an easy choice for most. I usually find that most people are just afraid of messing a computer up when initially building it.
  8. DarkTunnelShovel intro

    Nice to see you here man. I hope this community really ends up being what we hope it to be.
  9. The Elder Scrolls Online:

    In The Elder Scrolls online:   1.   Which alliance are you thinking about joining? Eboheart Pact   2.   Which race? Nord   3.   Heavy, middle, or light armored character? Light   4.   What type of armor? (Ex: daedric, dwarven, elven, steel, etc...) Leather   5.   Weapons only, magic only or both? Weapons only   6.   What kind of weapons/magic? Bow/Daggers   7.   Are you looking forward to doing quests/exploring or fighting? Quests/Expolring for sure   8.   Are you planning on being a lone-wolf, playing in a small group, or playing in a large group? Small group working together   9.   Would you choose to become a werewolf or a vampire? Werewolf   10. Anything else? I've played for a short while and it was actually fairly good in my opinion.

    Essej30 reporting for duty. Just got back into BF3 but I'm relearning the ropes fast.
  11. Howdy ADK

    Hope to see you out there on the battlefield sometime. :)
  12. Hello every one

    Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here.
  13. Hello ADK

    The community is very active as far as I can tell. It's very nice to see.
  14. Enjoying my time in ADK

  15. Hello ADK

    It's really nice to see such a big community, with such welcoming people.

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