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  1.   @[member='Zlizz'] your so funny.....
  2. Metro Flares and Smoke

    I have to say I do greatly appreciate all the non adviser/admin folks who have been spectating.  It's hard for 1-2 advisers to watch 64 people and not miss anything.    After I mentioned that I enjoy watching the offenders fall over dead next to me after they get punished, someone suggested a montage of that happening...maybe if I have time.   :D
  3. I like it.  I agree with @[member='cbrunnem'] we are very fair and give people every chance to behave.  I've also been on a server that kicks/bans with one infraction.  They really have no excuse as it yells in their face as they join, but I've accidentally gone to toss things from time to time out of habit if I forget to unbind G when I go in, so giving them a couple of chances is reasonable.
  4. It finally happened

    @[member='codeinekiller']  noooo come back we need your rage  :(
  5. Flying skills

    @Dalriaden curse you and your ability to fly an aircraft without hitting stationary objects!   If you have ever flow with me you will  never ever do so again.  :D
  6. BF4 Game Update March [LIVE]

    Did I hear DMR boost.... (insert my evil laugh from teamspeak here).  Of course I do already have 510+ kills with each one...but I may need to test it out anyway. Glad the worked on spectator too.  Looks good, hope I can play tonight. Last night was a bust due to a headache.   @Zlizz thank you for always keeping us up to date on BF4 happenings.  I tend not to look other places than our own forums for updates and your always right there with the info for us.
  7. It's getting annoying to be called as a hacker.

    Nope picture still small, one of you people who know how to use computers is going to have to tell me how to fix it.
  8. It's getting annoying to be called as a hacker.

    [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1159]     @[member='Tactical_F2000']  just do what I do, tell em you don't hack but thank them for the compliment.  It tends to annoy them  :D Hopefully this pic came out better this time lol.
  9. Urizon's Stuff

    Random stuff from my life.
  10. Yeah I hit him with Tban, I havn't seen him try to get back on the server since.     Yep I'm always recording just in case....even if you aren't recording just say you are and they shut up  :lol:
  11. Can I have a peanut butter cookie?  Chocolate gives me migrains   :angry:   I've been focusing on populating so far, but I agree you smack one person for grenades and 5 more show up.....they are like roaches.  I was playing on one of the EU no exp servers and I don't even know if my communications are understood lol.  I caught one guy on Metro running around tossing C4 in the choke points and then detonating it with his handgun so he could avoid auto-admin.
  12. bans

    vids pics for bans
  13. Whats it like for hackers:

    This is why when ppl accuse me of hacking I just say thank you for the compliment and offer them a copy of the video that I'm recording.   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1141]   Ok my image is too small just click it lol,  I will figure out how to make my pics better.
  14. Minimum Requirement Questions...

    @[member='HollowTipNYC'] To tag names for ppl you can either type @name or it's easier to use the @mention thing on the left at the bottom under the person's avatar. It will automatically fill in the tag for you.
  15. Minimum Requirement Questions...

    @[member='HollowTipNYC'] just post in what interests you.  Take your time if needed.  It does add up very fast as each reply is a post.  You have the TS and game time with no problem, I play with you frequently.  But if you could keep your sniper rounds out of my skull that would be cool :P Look forward to you being an official member!

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