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    Star-Wars...Science history gaming programming animation..voice overs

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    didnt know there was one lol
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    Either Kurnhade or Carbaril one of the 2 lol
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  1. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    I understand why Smoke could be seen as griefing...But the way it is is counter productive to the server just due to the fact..It halts the pushing through the map. As an example on Metro( No Explosives)...No one wants to be mowed down by 10-15 people spraying with MGs. At least with smoke people can have a better shot at moving up and vice versa. I dont think the Airburst should be included for this...Smoke does more help than harm...if a player is griefing someone with smoke punish that player for griefing.....Not the entire player base. Also i am aware plinking someone in the head with a smoke grenade can kill them....But lets be honest the chances of that unless you are right ontop of someone are really low. I really hope they remove smoke from the banned gadget list...Its more of a gadget then a grenade...
  2. Hey yall im having issues with trying to run either of the BF games. It says i require Windows Vista or higher yet i have Windows 7. Can someone tell me what the issue is?
  3. Ahoy!

    HOWDY! Look forward to seeing you on the server if ya need help or have an issue ask i will do my best to get it solved
  4. Greetings and Salutations

    Hey welcome bud! "We're all mad here." Lol have fun
  5. Havent played LoL in a hot minute might do that tomorrow while im on duty and im an xbox/pc guy sorry
  6. BF3: Russian Ingenuity

    Epic Win
  7. ADK is almost everywhere lol I play BF3 should hit me up and we should go kick some arse
  8. Topgun1334

    Welcome!!! Seen ya around whoopin ass keep it up!
  9. How's Everyone Doing

  10. Duh hello?

    Hey there im Joe look forward to seeing ya in TS if ya need any help send me a message on here :D
  11. Hello

    World of Warcraft was at peace...Until the Panda nation attacked ugh cant stand pandas in that game so i quit as well lol Welcome to the community
  12. Hi, I'm Monty

    MONTY PYTHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome :D
  13. New Guy

    At last another SWG Fan its been years since i have heard anyone who came from that MMO I used to play on corbantis....Such a great game...SOE killed it lol welcome!

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