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  1. I'm a Lt. Colonel sweet!!1

  2. Sorry i have not been on Planetside 2 I've been dealing with finals.

    1. Nova


      I had that 2 weeks ago, I feel you. Just get them done and focus! PS2 will be here with the Valkyrie and Hossin soon enough.

  3. Just put certs into my flash bought 50. Cal machine gun on it ,auto repair, etc but i had some complications with some players trying to destroy my beautiful flash *cough* chris

  4. I'm back sorry about the delays

  5. Going to be on in a few days technical problems almost resolved.

  6. Hey guys i am not going to be on for 1-2 days because of my dumbass brother sooo talk to you guys later

  7. If i am not on i may have home work or other school or personal related things going on.

  8. Characters?

     I wasn't paying attention when I was typing must of typed it twice  
  9. Characters?

     And do we participate in tournaments
  10. Characters?

     What are the best characters for melee and melee  
  11. Hi, I'm Nightstalker5674

    Thanks all for warm welcome
  12. Training?

     I'm new my friend from school introduced me to the game and im wondering when training is and any tips for a new player
  13. This is how it feels sometimes

     I hate that on Planetside 2 when squad/platoons are not cooperating

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