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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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Everything posted by LtNoobslayer

  1. Welcome back PS2

    As one of the old PS2 crew I figured I'd have some fun with the first post in this section. I'd come join you all for some good ol' cat herding if my computer still worked. Make sure you guys share some crazy stories for me to help me be there in spirit as you guys battle for those sweet certs. For any of the old guys still kicking around go ahead and share your favorite story from the battlefield. I'll swing by later and share one of mine as well.
  2. [Game Channel Requests] for [Consoles]

    I have created the text channel. If it does not see use it will be deleted.
  3. Name: LtNoobslayer Form: =ADK= Discord Voice/Text Channel Requests
  4. Game Channel Request Space-Engineers

    Just an FYI for ya Spook, the form for channel requests lives over here. For future ref.
  5. Ah, that time of year again...thanks @AOBLXIX

  6. It's a good thing people on the internet don't know how often I talk to them while pooping.

    1. pinkdood


      haha i do that all the time lol

  7. A temporary voice channel has been created in the "Other Games" section of our Discord. If the channel sees use it will stay, if not it will go away at our next review period.
  8. Hello there!

    Well hey, welcome to the forums. I think you'll find Naru fun to talk to with such a history with RuneScape. If you ever need anything in discord feel free to give me a shout.
  9. New world looks great

    I've only been on the vanilla server a couple days now but I have to say I love the world size. It's perfect. Plenty of biome diversity and not too large for me to visit other players. I've started a small farm and am getting by area set up with my cousin but everything has been great so far. One thing I noticed was a lack of a mushroom biome in our world. Not sure if we just got unlucky with that or if I'm missing it on the dynmap, but it might be a thing to consider "adding" somewhere.
  10. Hello

    Whoa ho, a fellow planetsider. Glad you've decided to come hang out with us again. If you haven't already you should come join us in our Discord and chat with everyone.
  11. Hi all

    Welcome to the forums, if you haven't already you should come join us in our discord and hang out.
  12. Eris

    Welcome to the forums! Glad you're enjoying our Ark servers. If you haven't already come join the folks in our Discord for people to chat with. If you ever have any questions or need help with discord feel free to shoot me a message there or here in the website.
  13. Welcome back PS2

    To an extent. It is a section again and we have some old names playing again but I believe we're currently looking for someone to run the section.
  14. Gingerbread House Contest

    Man, I feel like there's some easy winnings right there if I only could produce a gingerbread house without causing an environmental disaster.
  15. [POLL] Weekly "Let's Play" Times

    Darn you western folks, why do you vote for for times so late.
  16. [POLL] Weekly "Let's Play" Times

    Hey look, a swanky idea being pitched here. Get voting peeps for the rare chance to play games with me.
  17. Intro

    Hey there, welcome to the forums. That's a pretty impressive piece you got there, Icould never do anything like that. So aside from the art, do you play any games? If you give us a bit of your interests we can help you get plugged in with other members who share those interests. Oh and if you join us in Discord and ever need help feel free to ask me or any of the discord staff and we'll be glad to help.
  18. Suggestion Box

    Make it so I can have free time independent of my cousin and work and I'll play more on the server. Jokes aside, I'd have to get back into the groove of playing to offer thought out feedback on the servers. I'm obviously still a proponent for minimal plugins on vanilla and smaller world maps (that thing I'm always complaining about like a crazy person). But other than that we should maybe consider a weekly gaming night to push the section in ADK and have a set time to try boosting our population. A few of us play but always at different times. A set community event day would help try prodding us to skip a few matches of our favorite shooter or take a small break from our other games.
  19. Server Down

    Was wondering what happened to it, tried to hop on it a couple days ago.
  20. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the crazy that is ADK, a casual or hectic schedule is welcome here so feel free to hang out when you have the time. If you ever need anything in our Discord feel free to reach out.
  21. Hi I'm Knight

    Welcome to the forums, if you ever need help in discord feel free to ask.
  22. Hello im Blurr

    I'm late to the party here but welcome to the forums, glad you've been enjoying your time in discord.
  23. The news from Minecon

    Since I'm out of the house and on mobile I'll just be a lazy bum and drop a link here to the official article. But basically the future holds a village centered update, new weapons, mobs, and more. Thought I'd share.
  24. The news from Minecon

    What, nothing? No comments? Sheesh, my reporting efforts are wasted on you people.
  25. Overwatch Giveaway

    My friends are as poor as I am, and I can't afford coffee as is.

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