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    Gaming(duh), Camping, Hiking, Photography, Cinematography, Basketball, Reading, and my personal favorite: Sleeping.

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  1. Day 3847 of isolation:

    My island has been overrun by flowers as the trees choke out all available real estate.  I am the sole resident that seems capable of waging war on this invasive species and most of my time and resources has gone into this task.  I'm almost certain there is a traitor in my midst who is secretly nurturing these vile plants in an attempt to destroy society.  I will find out who this saboteur is and lock them in their house.

  2. I must be god!!!

    I thought you were dead. If you aren't...then who did Naru and I bury?
  3. Durandal On ARK

    Welcome to the forums. Glad to hear you're enjoying the ARK servers.
  4. Ugh, Finals week for summer session is awful.

  5. Hello :3

    Good, you stopped at 5 dog photos. Had you gone to 6 or more we'd have had to accept Kirk as a member and not you. Jokes aside, welcome to the forums.
  6. Shruikandraco

    Welcome to the forums. Yeah if you're an ARK guy we've got you covered. If you haven't already you should also consider joining us on discord so you can start chatting with all of our lovely ark peeps.
  7. Joining after So long

    Oh Look it's Hedge, long time no see. Yeah we're on Discord now. I'm pretty sure I have a link in my signature for it.
  8. [Game Channel Requests] for [Consoles]

    I have created the text channel. If it does not see use it will be deleted.
  9. Name: LtNoobslayer Form: =ADK= Discord Voice/Text Channel Requests
  10. Game Channel Request Space-Engineers

    Just an FYI for ya Spook, the form for channel requests lives over here. For future ref.
  11. Ah, that time of year again...thanks @AOBLXIX

  12. It's a good thing people on the internet don't know how often I talk to them while pooping.

    1. pinkdood


      haha i do that all the time lol

  13. A temporary voice channel has been created in the "Other Games" section of our Discord. If the channel sees use it will stay, if not it will go away at our next review period.
  14. Hello there!

    Well hey, welcome to the forums. I think you'll find Naru fun to talk to with such a history with RuneScape. If you ever need anything in discord feel free to give me a shout.
  15. New world looks great

    I've only been on the vanilla server a couple days now but I have to say I love the world size. It's perfect. Plenty of biome diversity and not too large for me to visit other players. I've started a small farm and am getting by area set up with my cousin but everything has been great so far. One thing I noticed was a lack of a mushroom biome in our world. Not sure if we just got unlucky with that or if I'm missing it on the dynmap, but it might be a thing to consider "adding" somewhere.

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