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  1. BF1 PC upgrades!

    Not really an upgrade for BF1, but more of tired of the constant BSOD's with my current setup. Went with a 6800k, Asus ROG Strix Gaming X99, 32GB RAM, EVGA GTX 1070 FTW and a Asus ROG PG279Q. I'm holding out for the 1080 Ti which is why the GPU may seem weak.
  2. Playing instruments

    Piano, drums and guitar.  Haven't owned a piano for a number of years so I'm really rusty and the drums went into storage when my daughter was born.  Now I just get to work on the guitar when I have personal time, which isn't often.
  3. What are your in-game plans?

    I'm mostly just interested in trying out the game and seeing what the mechanics are like.  Before I can say what I will do in game, I will wait until I see something a little more tangible.  I'm sure just exploring for the first few weeks will be enough to get me going.
  4. [BUY NOW] Battlefield 4 Reserved Slots

    How do you go about cancelling the reoccurring charges for the reserved slot?
  5. Share your rides

    @[member='EET'] Those look like really fun projects.  I hope one day to have enough garage space for a lift of some type and space to take on a restoration project.  For now I have to live the sub division life.
  6. Cost of an good gaming desktop

    My laptop with a 780m struggles with Star Citizen.  Even on my desktop, it took a 780Ti to run at higher resolutions at 1440p.  The game is just horrible with optimization right now and the majority of video cards will be worse than what $200 buys when it finally launches.   Personally, I've built many computers going back to the early 90s.  Things are so much easier these days that I would not hesitate in putting one together, just don't plan for games too far out or you will be spending a ton of cash for high-end equipment that will be mid range in 18 months.
  7. Share your rides

    Just curious if we had any auto enthusiasts on here that had interesting rides.  Feel free to show what you drive either on the street or on the track.   Daily driver:     Fun car:     Beater: (it's a 2003 that my parents only put 50k on)   [URL=http://s27.photobucket.com/user/muohio/media/Cars/Mazda6/019728b4-7a4e-4d1f-842b-97a4e43f9126.jpg.html][/URL]
  8. BF4 servers in desperate need of population - ranking

    I noticed that US #7 was down to 8 players only and not populated?  Did something change?  It was rocking until late last night.
  9. Elder scrolls online beta weekend.

    I'm having a hard time getting my character even created.
  10. Battlefield 4 Current State: Whats Your View?

    Interesting video of stuff we probably all get frustrated with.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8Lhnex7EBo
  11. Battlefield 4 Current State: Whats Your View?

    This is exactly how I feel.  Originally, I just sucked so bad that deaths where mostly my fault and the rest just seemed that way.  The more I play and raise my score and K/D I run into so many situations where the game is having a different result than what's being presented on my screen.  Hit markers disappearing when sneaking up behind someone and emptying a full magazine.  On the flip side, sometimes kills come so quickly where hitting a guy 50m away with an AR is easy.     The other area that I feel is just poor is the admin control over servers.  It should be much easier for ADK to limit what's in kits on US #6 for instance.  Instead we have to implement an honor system and auto admin to try to keep the rules enforced.  As a collective group, we spend a lot of time dealing with people on that server.  I'm sure the admins would rather be doing stuff than dealing with bans.
  12. Presidential Race 2016

    Maybe Rand Paul at this point, but I'm a little more interested in changes to the house and senate first.  We need more immediate action against Obama-care than waiting for 2016.  
  13. No rush/obliteration server?

    It seems that there are not many servers populated for either game mode in general.
  14. ADK No Explosives Recommendation

    The shame of it is that we now have people cooking grenades to get honest players banned.  Happened to me last night and basically limited me from playing while the person responsible kept on going.
  15. Origin Down --

    Steam is being hit too :(

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