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  1. Feelin good about being made an officer! In other news: omfg star citizen ... if ur gonna play it hit me up :)

    1. Nova
    2. PwnEngine


      Thankya much compadre!

      got university today (ugh) but i should be hopping on planetside once im home. See ya there with any luck. :)

  2. They Call Me Chez :)

    Hey and welcome bud. Nice to see other UK players signing up haha When Im ready to hop on day z ill also hop on ts3. Catch ya there maybe!
  3. Introduction...Caratheus

    Hey mate. Day z is something I was curious about so might join ya for that sometime soon ;) welcome to ADK and have fun!
  4. Destined stopping by to say hi.

    Nice to meet yah! I started off on the master system with Alex kid and sonic, then moved on to the megadrive, Nintendo ect ... How things have changed! Hope to see u in game.
  5. RACING!

    I just want a car... Sniff.
  6. New Recruit here!

    Hey there and welcome ;) hit me up in game if ya like. The name is PwnEngine.
  7. Hello... with drumstick in hand

    Welcome buddeh!
  8. Hello All ADK Gamers!

    Welcome! I'm new also.
  9. Ready to rock n roll! - PwnEngine

    Thanks for the replies guys.   Sure Homeboy, ill hop on ts3 and get some gamin done! spent an hour on this forum so far haha.
  10. Hi guys,   I am a hardcore gamer when I'm not studying creative writing at university, and recently i started playing Planetside 2 again after about 3 months away. I was a high ranking officer with Corporate Legion, who were once one of the best NC outfits around. To my dismay, I logged in yesterday and saw one other person online, and the majority of the members gone ... so this is when i joined an ADK platoon, having heard of you guys before. I was soon invited to join you, so here I am saying hey!   I live in London, England and love RPG's, strategy and FPS games. If anyone wants to roll with me, I have ALOT of planetside experience and have led countless platoons. In [Colg] I even co-led the Special Tactics Unit, which specialized in infiltration and covert support of any of the mother platoons that were up and running. I also like to just mess around and have a laugh when on planetside, so I dont take things too seriously btw!   Thanks for reading and I'll see you in-game you sexies!     PwnEngine    

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