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  1. Whatttttup.

    Glad to see you found your way around the forums well! It was great playing with you tonight and look forward to it tomorrow. If you have anymore questions about ADK, everyone here will be extremely helpful and polite and I'm always glad to help. I look forward to fragging with you more tomorrow evening when I get my first ADK stream of the month going, show everyone we mean business.  
  2. Free to Play The Movie

    I'm sure some of you have heard about this, but if not.... Valve, creators of Dota 2, Half-Life, etc, have been working on a movie about the 2012 Internationals, a worldwide Dota, now Dota 2 tournament, with an unprecedented prize pool. It revolves around The International in 2012, but the movie is really a documentary about 3 different players and it is FANTASTIC. If you have an hour to watch something, definitely check it out.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjZYMI1zB9s&feature=youtu.be
  3. Introducing ThePotentialHD

    He's played on TS in TESO with us since late Friday night. He's been on more than me actually.
  4. ZV Intro

    Welcome ZVixen! Glad to see your introduce yourself is up on the forums. I remember you from my stream the other night! I believe that you can be a great addition to our community as well as our streaming network!
  5. Sh4d0ws first ADK CSGO Stream

    Woot! I'm streaming! Today I will be streaming CSGO nonstop, or until I need to!
  6. Well then.

    We have a subreddit. http://www.reddit.com/r/ADKGamers/
  7. Someone got a little too excited....

    Bought a nice 12x18 mousepad. Came with plenty of reading material. Felt like I was just solicited by the Church of the Later-Day Saints.   Seems like AOB is trying to promote something.
  8. pc players dont have it so bad

    I'll go with BF4, yes, but not a CoD game. You want to play on the overall prefered choice for the game. CoD will forever be primarily a console game. The PC version of Black Ops 2 had at most 20,000 players, and that was with the free weekends on Steam. On consoles there are generally at least 200,000 playing at all times. Even the PS4 had at least 75,000 PS4 Ghosts players at all times. But it really comes down to what someone can afford and their technological knowledge. Sure, you can build a decent PC rig for 6-700 bucks, but that doesn't mean telling someone who doesn't know how to do it that they should just do it is the best option. If they want it on a console, let them. The PC is the best version for the BF series and probably the best version for nearly every other game out there. Face it, most copies of most multi-platform games sold go to the consoles. They're really only just paying for the superior version of BF4 on the PC.
  9. Two Down!

    The ACE 23 seems to be prefered by the people who kill me. 

    I don't understand how it is such a problem in BF4 and it wasn't in BF3. 
  11. played a game with this guy....

    Wow, that's dedication to vehicular combat. To each their own I suppose, but I don't understand how some people are just so invincible in vehicles like that. My tank always feels like it starts to flash bright neon colors and then everyone decides to attack me.
  12. Queeestion

    Is there an official BF4 platoon? Since I'm cool and have a tag and am a full fledged member now.
  13. Easy mode.

    I just started using the assault class. I've only really been playing the support class with a tad of engineer and recon here or there. Assault rifles are easy mode, that's for sure.
  14. What's a brotha got to do to get a SEA or LA server around here?

    Just as much of a disadvantage though. It seems whenever I play on a west coast server I get a lot less "ties." A lot of my kills aren't from both of us dying.

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