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  1. Canada eh?

    Well since I have joined I've noticed a few fellow canadians, Just wondering where you guys are located and if anyone would ever want to arrange a get together! maybe a little lan fest, who knows :P  
  2. Was thinking of mounting the smaller monitor into the desk as a temporary mock up for later on when I will be building another desk when I acquire the materials and also purchase a 22" touch screen monitor   Link relevant. http://picpaste.com/20131207_182240.jpg
  3. How to be a jet tryhard

    Just thought I would put in my two cents as a shitty jet pilot.  I could never even fly a jet, let alone HIT someone with it, turning to evade chases.. Fuck it was a nightmare.  then  I decided to do this.  http://picpaste.com/jetkeybindings_tip_.jpg ( won't put picture here as it's full res) By switching my throttle up / down and my yaw up down (from mouse to keyboard)  I have noticed one hell of an increase in the ability to fly a jet with keyboard/mouse. I think with the modified key bindings ( Use what feels comfortable to you! ) Jet flying with keyboard/mouse is pretty close or on par with Joystick flying.
  4. Ken wood saying hello

    Welcome to ADK! Come hang out with us on teamspeak and can't wait to see you on the battlefield! (BF4)
  5. Is ya boy, Kiret

    Welcome to ADK, Come hang out on Teamspeak sometime.
  6. Greetings Comrades! I am MAYNIAC.

    Rez life my brother! ( I'm part cherokee and my wife is Cree ;)  )  Welcome to ADK!   Come hang out with us on Teamspeak and chit chat, Can't wait to play some games with ya!
  7. Canada eh?

    you know what they say about surrey girls, What is the difference between them and a bowling ball?   you can only fit three fingers in a bowling ball.
  8. Ever get called a hacker or glitcher? What do you do?

    my personal favourite was when my usual group of friends that squad up rolled into a server and started laying the pain... " Either you ADK fucks are really good. Or you are hackers. "
  9. Just wanted to show my latest arrangement for my monitors..

    zero issues while gaming so far, used it for battlelog and mostly have teamspeak open on that monitor so I can see who is on and talking.
  10. Greetings..... Infidels

    Welcome to the forums, Hang out on ts with us if you are up for a chat :P
  11. I Populated BF4 Today!

    And all those wonderful times we have while populating them, it's fun to populate!
  12. The way it is. I guess.

    Now I may be new here, A few of you I already get along with quite well and we have a blast playing together. And I openly want to play that same way with the majority of the guys on the battlefield. And I do understand that you generally like to play with certain people. But to just drop someone without saying anything, in game or even on TS, Kind of stings. "Hey guys I just opened up squad X " ..... -watches every adk member in his squad leave- Yeah.. I'll just leave it at that.. :/
  13. The way it is. I guess.

    and no I didn't think that soon as I got the tags I'd get respect. To get respect you have to give it first and earn it as well. And that is what I'll work towards :)
  14. The way it is. I guess.

    Was a different timing nox, And it never was directed at anyone personally :)  I'll openly admit I took it to heart right away and am not 'gunning' for anybody. Just felt like I was a nobody at that point in time. But guess what.. I AM! lol, I just got to realize I myself have to make the effort. Old shit in the past.  Now let's play some games.
  15. Canada eh?

    Old school red wings, I haven't followed hockey in years. <.<
  16. The way it is. I guess.

    Not  trying to take anything personal, just want to be a part of the group and have a good time with everyone else. but just get this feeling of 'no one wants to play with me' It's even been to the part where I've sat on teamspeak, trying to get a squad interaction. Or even for the heck of it go populate an empty server. and I get almost zero response. But this is something I will have to get accustomed to, and thank the couple of people that do recognize me on ts and get a groovy time going on the battlefield.  
  17. The way it is. I guess.

    Why would I join the squad that opened up, When I was already leading one that was full? I just see that there are some certain circles drawn and it is a bit disheartening. Might as well be the 'FNG', Or get called a pubby like I did when I was applying. Hard to feel welcome when you think you're starting to get a squad going or start playing with members that you have not before. and you get dropped because you are nobody, because everyone knows the other person opening a squad. After all that. I can't even find the heart to speak on teamspeak. I may be 'whining' about this but it was the reason I joined into ADK, was a place to feel welcome and have a good time with people. Not to just be a 'Pubby'.  
  18. Canada eh?

    Used to take those ferry's every summer. yeah they are pricey.
  19. Any Canadians? Eh?

    Flashfire, Might be the closest guy to you as far as I know yet! Edmonton, Alberta here! feel free to message me or hit me up on TS
  20. Hey guys..

    Well as the forum is Introduce yourself, That is what I shall do.  My name is Dustin, I go by the online tag of TurnedToDust ( or variations of it eg. xxTurnedToDustxx ) I'm a 27 year old male, currently not working ( STRESS LEAVE! YES ) Have a wife of two years, and a son on the way! lol I love gaming, and playing competitively. Always a good sport and down to rock on with the baddest. Came here because I want to get into a community and participate in something other than just logging in to utter silence, giving squad/commander orders and nothing accepted or confirmed.. And to be able to talk to people! See you on the Battlefield.
  21. Hey guys..

    Thank you very much @[member='J3ngland'], been having lots of fun on ts and the servers, Great environment to be in.
  22. BF4 Second Assualt DLC Weapons Confirmed/China Rising Map Names

    A link for a top down view of the maps, don't know if you guys have seen it yet. :) http://www.vg247.com/2013/11/29/battlefield-4-china-rising-dlc-maps-get-top-down-images/
  23. Hello... with drumstick in hand

    Welcome to ADK! come hang out with us on teamspeak @ TS.ADKGamers.com:3796 . Can't wait to see you on the battlefield!
  24. US Servers Down - 11/28

    Well that is no fun ;) you guys are on top of things and thanks for letting us know so quickly Pepsi! I went and downloaded Planetside 2.. guess I'll check it out ;)
  25. BF4 for $20

    Insane, and to think of what most people paid..

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