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  1. My new found love of tanks keeps getting shat on ...

    @[member='Konvict1982'] I was having the same issue when the game came out and weeks after. The way I corrected this (even with the patches supposedly being what corrects client crash issues) is by repairing my game inside Origin. Right click the game, hit repair, let it run it's coarse. Takes about a minute tos can the 29GB game, and then whatever amount of time for a repair based on the amount of corrupted or missing files. When I sit down to play I usually will run the repair first. Doesn't take to long, and I'd say every few days it finds something to fix. I started doing this daily because I couldn't get into #6 one day, and figured out that this corrected my issue and will usually keep me client crash free for the majority of the night. I recommended this to someone last night in TS when they couldn't join a server because the game kept crashing and without a computer restart or anything, they told me it fixed the issue.
  2. Pistol only

    @[member='Konvict1982'] you're lucky haha
  3. Battlefield 4 Megalodon - Giant Shark Easter Egg?

    @[member='Prophet'] i lol'd
  4. Phantom Program

    yea, not big on the full conquest rotation server but I guess a few of us #6 regulars will be migrating for a bit lol
  5. Pistol only

    @[member='Konvict1982'] i hate to make the comparison here, but it's pretty much like the shotties at the beginning of MW3 with the range perk haha.
  6. Hello All ADK Gamers!

    Welcome to the ADK community! Hope to see you TS and number #6 and #7 for some operation locker fun!
  7. Introduction

    Welcome to the ADK community!
  8. Pistol only

    i need to get my shotty's on. I've actually never used them in BF3 or BF4 lol.
  9. 12-11-13 two awesome games tonight

    @[member='Mysted'] oh, i didn't know that you could use mortars in TDM?
  10. Battlefield 4 Netcode

    yea, i'm just not sure how exactly they could fix something like that (for everyone). So yea, i choose to just shrug it off when it happens in game. I've just kind of worked the whole problem into the list of things i just deal with, and try and improve my gameplay around it. I just assume it will not get any better so i can at least enjoy myself. If it does, well then I will just pleasantly surprised.
  11. Easy mode.

    I finished out the AR's first and didn't have a problem with any of them. I felt like the Carbines were 10x easier to unlock. I had no problems getting kills, and a lot of them to me had very low recoil which means more kills per clip because I like to aim mid-chest up and try and get that sweet sweet headshot =P
  12. Phantom Program

    @[member='Pepsi'] how far along are you?
  13. Battlefield 4 Netcode

    http://fixthenetcode.com enjoy.
  14. Phantom Program

    Yea, this is gonna take some time but it should be pretty fun!

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