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  1. *Dusts off forum* Me: "Yeah, I'm done buying, I have given them lots of money, I'll earn the rest in game." Them: "Build your own bases!" Me: ".....God damn it, take my money!" I now have an LTI Pioneer.
  2. Battlefield 1, A World War One

    Looks interesting. I was glad to see indeed there'll be mustard gas! I'm hoping the multiple settings imply multiple game types. Armored trains, trench warfare, naval battles, aerial combat, etc.
  3. BF5 teaser. FINALLY

  4. BF5 teaser. FINALLY

    Battlefield 1, it's set in World War 1 (hence the name). Given their partnership with Xbox One, makes sense the name (silly in both cases :P)
  5. Adding a MISC Prospector (LTI) to my list. Yeah I have the Orion, but I might just want to wildcat sometime :)
  6. $30.00 Game packages on Wed during Stream!!

    I'm actually surprised they lasted as long as they did :P
  7. From Pupil to Planet

    Was this the "enormous reveal" that they were touting?   I was watching the stream for a while, but had to go to a meeting so missed the last bit and this.   (It seems pretty big to me, so I'm quite excited, but just making sure this was the news and not something ELSE big and huge and awesomesauce)   Edit: Since they announced the vid in their Facebook stream, I'm going with yes this was the big reveal. Damn this game keeps getting better and better!
  8. $30.00 Game packages on Wed during Stream!!

    Well, rather than make a new post for the livestream, figure I'll just attach here.   They just showed a quick vid of the Jav work in progress. So damn sexy. That bridge in particular is going to be badass.
  9. Star Map - Where will we go?

    Gotta say, those paper maps that guy's creating are sexy. Would be interesting to print out and have in a binder somewhere. Maybe once I buy a house and actually have place to store stuff :P lol
  10. Anniversary LIVESTREAM - Hype train and summary!

    "You fly a Javelin briefly in the opening battle"   So....that means they need the Jav ready in time for S42? So that means it should be ready....I dunno, Soon™? Sweet! Looking forward to it!
  11. So, I was on a cruise a week ago. For funsies, I looked up its size and mentally was comparing it to SC ships. The ship was about 272 meters. For comparison, as listed right now (so subject to change), the Hull E is 372m, and the Jav is 345m.   Looking forward to my space cruise ships! lol
  12. My hangar has just added 1 Aegis Sabre (LTI). Too damn sexy looking to pass up!
  13. MISC Endeavor sale

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14972-Research-Unbound-The-MISC-Endeavor A new research ship is for sale. LTI concept sale until Oct 10. ...It looks sexy...I'm very tempted, but I'm also trying to save for a house down payment :P *Sigh* I guess I'll hold off and earn it in-game.
  14. Yeah, I saw that, made me sad. Part of the reason I didn't even try was the non-LTIness, only to have them decide later. Oh well, probably for the best, I REALLY need to start saving money for a house down payment :P lol
  15. Total HD Gamescon Demo Batman

    Nice seeing the Idris there. Hope that means it'll be hangar ready soon-ish. (And now I'm pining for in-game Jav pics! :P)

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