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  1. Anyone playing the BF3 Beta yet? Impressions?

    There is a 64 player map you can join with vehicles. You need to google for the password as it seems to change fairly often. I tried getting into one last night but didn't have any luck(empty slots fill pretty much instantly). I got dropped from 2 servers last night. First one I saw the lag hit and then the server timed out so i lost all the XP and unlocks. Second one there was no warning at all I just got booted and lost all the XP...Really hating the way they deal with server connections at this point. And watch out for the "magic holes" in the map. I jumped over some rocks yesterday and fell straight through the map. Very disappointed that Dice has bugs this nasty after the Alpha ended. Not sure what light you guys are talking about. I know gun barrels show a little glimmer as well as the scopes. Of course it's a lot worse in the tunnels. So go for ironsights if you're really worried.
  2. ~/system32.exe

  3. What is the time-frame for 25+ hours? Are we talking per week/month/year and what thread must we post in?
  4. Routers

    I have a dirt cheap($30) TP-Link (TL-WR541G) Had it for about 3 years now with zero problems at all. I have owned a Linksys in the past and after 3 years I had to constantly power cycle the damn thing. I believe my model is discontinued but if you can find it I highly recommend it!
  5. How do I embed a video here?

    should look like this: [code][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7o2vSzxAKc[/media][/code]
  6. TF2 Settings & Playstyle Tips

    Nice tips. I did not know about the multiplayer advanced settings...never would've thought to look at that for some reason.
  7. Dead Island

    Probably the most intense trailer for a game I've ever seen. If the game's anywhere near as good then we're in for a real treat.
  8. I don't know why people think this is a big deal...unless you're doing something you shouldn't, who cares if your location is being tracked. What's really scary is Google's tracking. They don't track by username - they track by IP address. So they have a history of everything your location has ever searched for. The scary part comes in with adsense. This allows Google to track any website you go to, any searches done there, what pages you're visiting, how long you're staying there, what your habits are -- they are basically becoming Skynet.

    Vietnam is more fun. Although spawn camping is probably worse in Vietnam
  10. Apple now under fire

    [quote name='AOBLXIX' timestamp='1303423086' post='6225'] So I don't get this. . . how is apple the least green tech company when someone like 'Albert Gore Jr.' is on the board of directors. . http://www.apple.com/pr/bios/bod.html I could honestly care less that Apple is the least green tech company. . . but when there's someone like Al Gore on the BOD how are they not the greenest tech company? Come on Al Gore. . . you bitch about all the SUV's in the country and you can't even get a company that you're on the BOD of to be one of the greenest?! [/quote] Well this is the guy who uses more power in one day than most households do in an entire year, so green is the least of his concerns
  11. Cats with a treadmill

    Damn, now I have to go watch more of these.
  12. Video Card Overclocking

    Nice results so far, War. I was shocked with the min framerate doubling as well.
  13. Video Card Overclocking

    [quote name='-Grimreaperx2-' timestamp='1302395634' post='5829'] My problem is that i dont know if the aftermarket cooler is worth my money. Its 70 bucks for the zalman but its very quite. My gtx gets super loud but also because i have a open side case. (storm sniper) [/quote] I had similar issues with the gtx280 I had -- Anything over 50% was ridiculously loud. Definitely not looking back after switching.
  14. Video Card Overclocking

    Well bottom line it's still an increase in performance so why not squeeze every ounce out of what you pay for?

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