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  1. A nerf to Twitch?

    I really dont think twitchs needs a nerf or needed one he wasnt that strong.
  2. Visual Upgrades

    i love new reworks its like a new skin.
  3. Reset ranked for the love of god

    Good thing the season is going to end soon i think.
  4. 4.12 Lucian changes

    Still a really good champ i think all adc's should know how to play him well.
  5. Nasus cause nasus is god.
  6. Soooo.... Gnar

    Ganking him seems like it will be pretty hard since he can jump on the gankers head then bounce away....
  7. DOOM bots

    Got to lvl 5 doombots and its way to hard i gave up.
  8. A New Dawn? Dude...

    I have watched this about 10 times best trailer so far to me.
  9. Looks really good but im going to hate seeing the old one go got so used to it.
  10. ARAM Champ Selection

    I wish you could have more rerolls at a time i get the worst champs lol. 
  11. Karthus, looking better than ever.

    Karthus isnt really that strong of a champ and not my personal favorite but do really like the rewrok and how he looks now.
  12. Season 4 Ward map and Trinket utilization

    This map would be super good for some junglers that need help with ward placement.
  13. Free Social Network Skins & Champs

    It also gives you champion you dont have to have the champ to get the skin.
  14. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    SoarLikeWind (lvl: 30)

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