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  1. Just an OG passing through

    Hey Cyberdamnation here, Been away for a while living life an all... Just wanted to say I miss ADK and all my admin buddies and @[member='Rabbit'] lol If you don't know me it nice to meet you and I may be back on a again sometime who knows ;) I love seeing how far ADK has come!
  2. Looking For a Top Lane Karma Build

    @[member='Synthen'] You are right xD   @[member='Scruffy707'] Add me and Lol IxViperxI, and watch me and DSL play together. If we are doing good you can take notes and If we are doing bad you can point and laugh. I'm gonna play Karma top over then next few days so I can give you my personal opinion about her top because she seems viable but idk she is an odd champion. Do you have Elise?
  3. Looking For a Top Lane Karma Build

    Whoa Whoa Whoa slow down there @[member='Synthen'], You have seen me play Karma and beat champions that absolutely counter her. I have to admit though she is a hard champion and you require a bit of luck for her to work in bot or mid. @[member='Scruffy707'] I say start with a spellthieves edge and build tanky ap i.e. Rod of ages,Rylai's Crystal Scepter, ect... I will give you a more detailed guide soon
  4. Ranked Team

    @[member='AOBLXIX'] I will make a like official ADK ranked team If I have your permission and We can get at least 7 active members willing to join. We would need this discussed in a thread and with @[member='Joey'] as-well to set guidelines rules and expectations for the team/members/.
  5. Good Night Sweet Prince

    Nothing beat's watching me die to a support at 25% hp haha but yes URF is gone for now. I would hope that they keep it for custom games and bring it back every now and again because I'm sure the wasn't just our favorite game mode but alot of the whole Lols community favorite game mode
  6. Darkness and future crap

    I was thinking of bringing noc back to my jungle routine because of his kit and with the new items now out, they may reduce his jungle time making him an excellent jungle. This is just my opinion and my experience with this champ and the game. @Synthen could have some more info on this
  7. For The Love Of Ponies - April Fools

    I loved it, you guys Did it right!
  8. I Like new comers to be honest they are the most willing to learn and also don't have preconceived hate towards any style of game play. There are some very toxic people out there but you can just mute them and report them after the game so you don't get paired up with them again but they are a dime a dozen. You might even have an advantage by binging a new comer because there are much more aspects of the game set in stone and many guides to help the beginner to LoL, unlike when i played when it was Ashe mid,2 top, 2 bot lol.   All I have to say to a new comer is Don't Buy runes until you're level thirty, Try to get as much farm as possible (not applied when supporting), and Learn map Awareness.   This is serious Map Awareness is key and probably accounted for more then half my deaths when i was a beginner, but now I see little things that give me the advantage i.e. Bot lane about to get ganked by the Jungler but he drops a ward in the bot river and the support see's it and pings it, they avoid the gank and survive to dominate there lane. That is the best case scenario lol.   Warding: Warding is very important as well, it gives you mini map vision so you can see ganks before they happen or the enemy team taking dragon ect,ect...   I hope to see you out on summoners rift someday @[member='TurboPeasant'], add me IGN: IxViperxI
  9. ADK FNG

    @RUIN4T1ON   Cool to see you joined the forum man!, May I ask a few questions? Whats branch are you in? and whats your MOS?   We should talk sometime or play Insurgency/DayZ together man, those are may favorite games atm.
  10. Introduction

    @[member='JumperRay'] Throw in an application and play with us on bf4 and you'll have your tags in no time dude :D
  11. Hello ADK members that don't know me

    Once I get DayZmod reinstalled and I get around to buying DayZ we should play together. Its nice to see new people join the community
  12. Just looking for opinions on leona.

    I'd say if your not playing Leona ban her, She is a really good support that has amazing setups late game. If you play her be aggressive and land you gap close follow up with the stun = gg lol
  13. New League of Legends Recruiter

    @[member='JarHeaD4EXG']   A lot of the new comers for lol are form you and rabbit in my own opinion, whatever ones I have brought are either inactive or don't join adk. It would be nice to have a dedicated ADK recruiter so we can grow faster and the Lol leaders can focus more on making forum post about build ect..but Lol leaders need not to forget that we are also asked to try to recruit our self's for the community. JarheaD4EXG Keep up the good work :) and Sythen I know your new don't trip do your best while me on the other hand I need to get my ass out there and recruit and make vids
  14. Looking for a duo partner?

    *edit*edit* @OverlordL I will duo with you dude add me IxViperxI and sorry for stealing your thread
  15. Looking for a duo partner?

    I agree with DSL,but look at it like this they are few real platinum and diamonds players i must say a lot of them got lucky during the placement matches dude. Back in season 1 when i started i used to look up to platinum players and diamond players thinking they are 10x better then me but 2 years and 1500 games later, they are just players who have self inflated ego's. Not all platinums are like this i know a great many like Pockets and Dsl who are good people and try to help and are willing to put in the time to teach you. my friends list is almost full and half of the people on there are gold or plat but tbh i think im better then them because I don't do stupid engages.   For example I was playing with my friend Kivora and we got placed with this plat j4 who was top, he got first blood but after that he kept being because he tower dived and got ganked even tho he had wards up. He was always over extended and had no map awareness...   When it comes down to it the elo ranking doesn't matter sometimes in my own opinion, I may catch flak for that but i've play people who are raked way fucking higher then i and i rweq them lol

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