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  1. . I've run several servers skilled players don't get banned because they are skilled they get banned because most players don't really say anything. They are like me they take a break or move to another server. And the admins of that server are just saying hey skilled player you are sending to many players away. We pay for the server and we want it filled. And mr skilled player your stoping that from happening. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I say as long as the bullets are not real I could care less if the other person wants to hack or not. If I get to upset then well then its Hey Al its time for a beer break. Simple enough.  I don't think the admins will kick or ban me if I die a lot. So again I could care less unless the bullets turn real. If they do then sorry guys I am out of here.
  3. How Competitive Are You?

    For years I used to play in league play. However to play it right takes way to much concentration. I am at a stage where I get on late at night just to relax before I go to bed. As of late I am more of a support player. I am the guy who plays behind you young competitive players and keep you loaded with ammo and or revived. Till I am tied enough to fall asleep.     
  4. BF4 - ENTER 2015 with ADK

    happy New Year
  5. Hey guys, french guy here !

    Hi there. So you have been playing for 15 years that means you started at 6. Cool Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. ACE 23 best attachments?

    I play around a lot. However when I just go for kdr or points I use angle grip, coyote and target detector. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. new patch very laggy

    well as of today it has not gotten any better. In fact its gotten worse. The game has become unplayable to be honest.
  8. Veteran Admin Promotions - 11/24/2014

  9. Is there a new sniper riffle

    I sent it to you in a pm. Just in case this is nothing I dont want to send the wrong message. 
  10. Is there a new sniper riffle

    Is there a new sniper riffle out there. I was on the server earlier and this player was using a rifle that I have never sceen. It was a sniper class. Its not the 338 that was announced. The player that I saw using it,  when I went back and tried to get the name of it the battle report just says NA. 
  11. new patch very laggy

    Yea me too. I have actually stopped playing so much due to it.  Plus it takes me about 3 times to even start a map. I keep getting kicked on entry of a map on any server.  And not only that I am getting lag spikes and many at the absolute wrong possible time.  Right when Im in a fight. I see someone I go after then a lag spike and I am dead. I actually was on the reg ADK server last night and died about 20 times due to it. Err 
  12. Final Stand - First Impressions

    I've been on the server the last week. Man it's been fun. It's destroyed my kdr. But hey I'm taking a lot of Helo pilots and tank drivers with me. Man against tank for the most part is not a good idea. But I'm keeps the skies clear. I've even got a few planes. Me and my stinger works pretty good.
  13. Hmm...I unlocked 1 thing on a Final Stand map...

    I got them to however I used most on attachments except for 200% and 100% xp 
  14. What a bunch of clowns

    you cant call but you can do the instructions below.   1) Use your registered email address to email accountdisputes@ea.com  2) In the subject of your email specify:  Banned/Suspended Account - forum.ea.com/eaforum/ - [Your Persona Name]  3) In the body of your email specify:  Community: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/  Email Address:  First Name & Last Name:  Persona Name:  Banned or Suspended: Banned  Error/Notification Message received (if any):  Details of your dispute: 
  15. Please help with Pb issue

    Did you get this resolved if not contact me either here or Pbbans.com I am beachbum over there. But it's a communication error. It's usually a conflict with a program you are using. There an outside chance but not usually a virus protection program or firewall. But usually there is a program you are running.

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