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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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    DestinedToFlail reacted to Virtue1776 for a article, World of Warcraft - The First 10 days   
            Now that the dust has settled Warlords of Draenor is off to a decent start. World of Warcraft has a fresh feel no one can deny that. With new features like the Garrison it’s easy to see how one can get excited about the new content. Leveling from 90-100 is no easy task and requires hours of play time however it is smooth and has an enjoyable quest line leading you to 100. Gearing for heroics to build for endgame content is a new experience as well with the new Individual loot function you are now guaranteed a drop while in a dungeon.
            The first few days of the release were hectic with the queue times being outrageous. Rumors of DDos attacks and hardware crashes circulated the forums. They were soon forgotten when players were eventually able to enjoy the content they were ambitiously awaiting to tackle once the problems were addressed.
             From the Alliance perspective it starts off with you meeting up with Khadgar the infamous wizard. He sets you off on a quest leading you into Draenor. After completing the initial segment you soon are set on your way to building your Garrison. Through trial and error you discover how to use this new function. As you level it from 1 to 3 you discover It certainly has its benefits giving players access to Herb Gardens, Personal Mines, and a selection of buildings to incorporate that provide mats and items to either sell on the Auction House or use for crafting Items. There are certain buffs that come with some buildings such as the Dwarven Bunker which increases the chance of Items to be “War-forged” when they drop or are awarded during a quest line. This means that if a quest reward is a Common green Two-Handed Axe there is a chance it will be upgraded to an Epic item. In addition to that you will have the ability to turn in Iron scraps to upgrade your followers gear.
             The Garrison brings in a new aspect to wow from Warcraft 3.  The Followers from Warcraft 3 are now able to fight with you as body guards when you select the Barracks as a building to add to your Garrison. You are able to send them on missions. They have the Ability to earn you Gold, Garrison resources, XP and Armor. This is a little addicting and gives you something to put your attention on in addition to leveling.
    The quest lines are interesting and grab your attention. I have to say Mrs. Virtue and I were quite impressed with the Cinematic’s.  The Thrall Vs. Garrosh segment is my favorite at about 4:15.


                                        Take a moment and watch this segment of spoilers!

    Level 3 Garrison shot

               After you work your way to 100 you will have to get yourself into instances to gear up for Heroics. The fast track around the normal instances is to hit the battlegrounds for some PVP. The PVP gear that is awarded for Honor points that some of you may still have on your inactive accounts is still usable! This gear is rated at item level 620. A few of these pieces combined with some other items offered in special quest lines should put you right around item level 610 and able to enter Heroic dungeons after you’ve completed the ‘silver’ proving grounds. The proving grounds is a function Blizzard put into to the game to help mitigate problems experienced with inexperienced players joining the Pickup groups, it attempts to establish a standard to achieve before one is allowed to enter the LFG system. The proving grounds are accessible from your class trainer or garrison mission coordinator at the silver level you will be well on your way to being raid geared. The iLvl of items dropped in Heroics is 630 in order to raid you will need an average of 635. This is easy after you’ve gotten all your pieces replaced. Khadgar offers a quest line that awards you an Item lvl 680 ring at the end of it. There are many guides on YouTube on completing this.
              The Dungeon loot function is a changeable option, you are now able to set it on an Individual function which makes it so that when you’ve killed a boss the only loot that drops is loot you can use. This is useful when gearing up, it’s still on a chance system that gear drops, most of the time it’s just gold that you are rewarded however each player is guaranteed loot from the final boss making each run productive.
               Overall the First 10 Days of Warlords of Draenor have been great and I’m very excited to see what’s in store. Check back here for more Articles and come find me in Teams speak if you have any questions!
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    DestinedToFlail reacted to Phreaktaco for a article, ADK's Phreaktaco Gives A Little Insight On Planetside 2 Today   
    ADK, A different Kind of Gaming Community, best known for our public platoons, zerging, and team killing. The majority of the PS2 community looks down on us, seeing us as a group of gamers that have nothing in common other than our low skill level, while yes we pride ourselves in helping the new players of Planet Side, this is not our sole redeeming feature, there are an abundance of high leveled and highly skilled players that have taught me and many others the ins and outs of Planet Side 2.
    You may ask if we don't pride ourselves in our zerg rushing, then what do we pride ourselves in? Well that's simple, we pride ourselves in our laid back community, which requires nearly nothing to be apart of besides a few hours on our teamspeak channel and a small 20 post count on our forums. Unlike other smaller and more “elite” Outfits running around on Auraxis today we don't require you to follow a specific build or pick a specific class, we don't ask you to be amazing at this game and hold a certain K/D, all we ask of you is to listen to your platoon lead and squad leads orders to the best of your abilities, and hopefully have fun doing it. We're playing a video game and video games were made to have fun, there's no real point of obsession over it, unless that's what you're into.

    Now this all sounds really easy and laid back, but it doesn't sound like you guys do anything fancy/complicated/important on the battle field. Oh why thank you for pointing that out inner voice, now we can get on with interesting points of our Outfit. One of our proudest achievements is our Air Wing, showcased in all of its glory during the PS2 Friday Night Ops number 64, heads up but everyone should definitely watch it, that video does this Outfit a lot more justice than this article ever will. This Air Wing is the epitome of badassery, when at full capacity they sit at the warpgate waiting for anyone on Command Chat to call for air reinforcements, when they're not at full capacity these amazing pilots are floating through our platoons giving air coverage to our ground forces, or running around with our troops, because we sure as hell aren't one trick ponies.

    Me telling you about our outfit and bragging about it's high points really means nothing if you think of us as a zerg rushing platoon that has no command structure. If you think that all our platoons do is follow the single triple chevron waypoint down the latice line there's really nothing I can do to change that, but if there's even an inkling of a doubt that you think we've changed over the years, or if you're completely new to the game and want to meet a few awesome people that will show you the finer details of this overly complicated game, then all I ask of you is to log into the game, turn on Teamspeak, and join our channel for just an hour and we'll show you how much thought goes into our strategies and how much fun we have doing it.

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