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  1. Minimum rig cost to run BF1?

    Howdy. It's been a while but I was thinking of trying BF1 but I'm not close enough to the minimum specs to want to attempt to run it. Still running my old build(i7-860 @ 3.2, EVGA P55 SLI E657 and GeForce GTX 660) and it runs mostly everything fine. Thanks.
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    @HansJob My brother-in-law got me turned onto them. It's like organized chaos. I love them.
  3. Why are the servers dead?

    Don't have room on my HDD. Lol. Even if I had the room, I refuse to play a game made by a company when the previous two they made are still broken and they refuse to fix them. Let me guess...they are going to pay YouTubers to hype this POS as well?
  4. Why are the servers dead?

    I haven't played much at all lately and I just now got on to see the servers dead. What all is going on?
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    Nm because I'm an idiot and forgot how to direct post the video.
  6. BFDB?

    It really was helpful and it will be missed like you said.
  7. BFDB?

    Maybe because ADK management already works hard enough? It would be a great service to the BF community but it's simply asking too much.
  8. BFDB?

    Ok, thanks. Didn't http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/MAAESTROO/ used to run it or help run it? He was a regular in Metro.
  9. BFDB?

  10. BFDB?

    I'm just wondering how long it's been down. First time I've played in about two months and I can't even check on low levels with ridiculous K/Ds.
  11. Member Picture Thread

    Like hope?
  12. Tattoo's Do you have one?

    A few of mine. Back when they were still fresh :P   Got these done back in '07. They are faded to hell now. I'd like to get them touched up soon but the last time I tried to get a hold of my artist in Vegas, the shop told me he stopped due to personal stuff.   [attachment=7332:LoveLife2.JPG]   This is my first tattoo that I got back on my 18th birthday. This picture is after I had it basically worked over in I want to say late '05, so about six years after I got it.   [attachment=7333:359.JPG]      
  13. Tattoo's Do you have one?

    Yeah, I'll eventually start getting a sleeve together. I've been saying that for sixteen years now :P
  14. Tattoo's Do you have one?

    @[member='BigDRD4'] #Datass
  15. Tattoo's Do you have one?

    Sweet work and thank you for your service.

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