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  1. No EX lockers bans and Ex Lockers

    I agree with the majority of that, i just wanted to check on it. I also worded my second post badly, sorry for that. I meant the server specific infractions carrying over to other servers that do not have those rules. But again, I get where you are coming from as well.
  2. No EX lockers bans and Ex Lockers

    I can understand with bans for hacking or general asshattery, but the server specific stuff seems a but much
  3. I was playing the Explosives allowed US lockers server and i noticed a player joining and being kicked by auto admin stating enforcing ban for m320 flash even thou we were on the explosive allowed server. I think there may be some cross pollination of the bans.    Just wondering if that is intended or an issue.
  4. 12-9-2012 Patch

    Trying the patches now, hope the crashes are done with
  5. Nice Aim!

    you needed more ammo right?
  6. 1km Tank Launch

    Im in, that was hilarious
  7. This is why you can't aim

    Anyone care to give us a laymans terms run down of this?
  8. Best Black Friday Deals You Got

    Buttttt 5 dollar magpulls, im going a little insane just thinking about it.
  9. Best Black Friday Deals You Got

    You bought them because you would be insane to not at that price, that's why. Yes i'm jelly. Jelly of your access to a range and ownership of a rifle.   I got a ASUS GTX 670 for what will be 200$.
  10. China Rising Map Overviews!!!

    I was under the impression that metro was coming with this expansion, was I mistaken our did it get left out because it's already known?
  11. Information On New Patch

    Not sure how that happened, tried to post it as a quote. 
  12. Information On New Patch

    Pre-patch notes from the Battlefield 4 forums: Removed the blur effect on soldiers that appeared when Commanders were using EMP attacks Fixed the audio bug where audio sometimes randomly dropped out while playing on certain multiplayer maps (typically Golmud Railway and Hainan Resort) Fixed the "one-hit kill bug" where occasionally damage from a single bullet was applied multiple times Fixed a common crash that would occur when exiting from the Single Player Campaign to Main Menu Tweaked the network and computer performance screen to show proper values. Players can now test their computer and network connection and get recommendations if they need to adjust something to improve their gameplay experience. What’s missing here, in our mind, is a mention of anything being done to address the intermittent crashing that many players seem to be experiencing in multiplayer. Anecdotally, I’ve been seeing at least one person in our five- or six-person group crash during every game we play. If it’s any additional comfort, double XP for Battlefield 4 rolls out on Thanksgiving tomorrow, and will last through the weekend.
  13. Howdy

    Thanks for the welcome folks, good to be here.
  14. Howdy

    I'm vintercon, I've applied after playing on the bf4 servers. Uh a bit about myself, I've played most fps games since doom and plenty of others. I work nights so I may not see allot of you outside of my weekends. Feel free to ask questions,I will answer what I can

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