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  1. My thoughts and prayers to those in France

    Great post. I could only sit shaking my head at the whole thing. More of this senseless killing that is only going to breed more hatred and death. Very sad.
  2. Heroes of the Storm

    Hi Stone,   There's a few of us that play. My battletag is Dexx#1688. TurnedToDust and Snoopdog also play. We do a lot of Co op, but I would rally like to get a team for Heroes League. 
  3. Aurora LN.   I'm also available for Chewbacca-like co-pilot duties on bigger ships.
  4. School/Play setup

    Thanks Bromance. I guess I'm nervous from seeing all the enterprise-level software I worked with conflicting with legacy programs most corporations have sitting on their desktops. All the little nuances that we learn over time. But since there's really nothing too old on this machine, I'm just going to hope for the best.   Thanks again
  5. School/Play setup

    Thanks for the replies so quickly. .NET is the end goal. And I will definitely get ReSharper. I'm always looking for tools to make life easier. $49 isn't bad either for student pricing   My school is pretty good in giving us software. We get the whole MSDN package through a program they call DreamSpark. Unfortunately, I still have to pay $30/mo for the Adobe suite.   Thanks again
  6. School/Play setup

    Hi, I'm running a rig that's a couple years old. First Gen i7, 9GB ram. 7870. My question really revolves around using this computer for playing games and school. I'm going back to school after 20 years to finish up my IT degree. I'm focusing on programming.   I'm concerned with the mixing of .net packages and all the crap that goes along with programs like Visual Studio. Would I be better off dual booting the machine to keep environments clean? I have a few hundred gig free on my hard drive. Or should I really start looking at a separate, school only laptop and use a kvm switch?   Quick note: All the classes so far will be online, so there's no real need for portability. I brought up laptop since that's what I'm used to after all these years consulting.   Thanks.
  7. Time to fix the game ?

    I remember seeing this a lot a few weeks ago. That shit does need to go.
  8. New gun range near me

    Man, I like the ranges where the owners all have potbellies and revolvers at their waists. They give you the same type of great service you might find in a biker bar. I don't walk in there to browse, you just better know wtf you are looking for.
  9. Would you ride this?

    I think I'd need oxygen by the time I walked up all the stairs.

    Keep pushing it Snoop!! Some day you'll convert the masses
  11. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Chili, how i that case? I've been looking at that case for a while. But I was thinking of going total air cooling with air flow fans to get it as quiet as possible.   Are you getting a lot of dust? Or did you come up with some filters for the bottom? Your cables look great, how messy is the other side of the case?   Thanks
  12. Dexx

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I look forward to gaming with you!
  13. Dexx

    HI All,   Finally decided to put my app in. I've been playing on the BF4 servers for a while and some of you might know me through Snoopdog. My in-game name is Dexx1102 (Steve). I'm 42 years old, married and father of two. I've been in IT (Business Intelligence) for about 17 years, and decided to take a couple years off to finish my degree. So I'll have a lot of free time I'm hoping between classes. Because, after all, isn't that what college is about? Taking classes and screwing around?   ADK is solid community with some great people. Nice to find a couple other old guys in the mix as well. I really look forward to spending even more time here. I won't ever be at the top of the scoreboard. I definitely play more support/medic. So thanks to you all at ADK for making a great place to play and relax.   So I look forward to meeting more of you online in the future. I'll be playing mostly BF4 and some Minecraft. I'm very laid back, so please, stop in to say hello if you see me online. Now, I might not hear you at first, as my hearing has gone to shit.   Thanks again, Dexx    

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