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    Cameron, TX
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    -了I am a Cross Country Runner//Marathoner. I love gaming my favorite & only gaming consoles are: XBox 360/ XBox One.遲 -
    I play Battlefield 3, Star Conflict, Planetside 2 & will be starting War Thunder soon. I love World Of Warcraft as well. My Battletag is DragonRaid15. I need to get another 60 day wow card.

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    Windows 7
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    AMD A6-3400M APU with Radeon HD Graphics (4 CPUs)
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    AMD Radeon HD 6520G
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    4096MB RAM
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  1. [OFFICIAL] Battlefield 4 Platoons

    There any ADK Platoons for BF4 on XBox One?
  2. Hi guys long time no see

  3. Been so busy in RL packing and stuff getting ready to move. :/ sorry I've not been on as much.

  4. Minecraft

    My Minecraft photos
  5. Hey there! :)

    Hello and Welcome to ADK @Lynn hope you grow to love this wonderful gaming community & I hope to see you In some of the other games as well.
  6. Excited about getting my tags tomorrow!

  7. Hello

    Welcome to ADK! Hope to see you in some of the other games as well.
  8. So I saw this on Facebook and it seems like it will be a really awesome game that you ADK members can look at. The game is called (Nether Prey or Pray). Nether is a first-person, survival-shooter that introduces players to a desolated, sprawling urban cityscape (based loosely on Chicago). Nether features core survival elements, requiring players to scavenge for resources in order to survive as well as crafting. More importantly, Nether brings unique gameplay elements to the genre, and brings the experience to a new level. The city spans several hundred blocks and players can access most of the buildings, including multi-level skyscrapers that provide huge vantage points. Danger is around every corner, sometimes only a few yards from you, raising tension to a new level. Nether also presents players with a meld of PvE and PvP that fosters unique, emergent gameplay and forces big decisions when it comes to trusting other players. The enemies, called “Nethers,” are unique and each species possesses both demonic and human qualities, making them fast, smart and hard to kill. This also factors in when it comes to working together to defend safe zones or clear out structures. Finally, by setting world objectives, Nether adds another dimension to the survival genre, which further sets it apart from other online games. If you wish to go and read more about this game go to: www.playnether.com
  9. Hi ADK!!

    Welcome to ADK @[member='MadcatBF4'] hope to see you in some of the other games we play as well.
  10. Would you consider a handicapped person to join ADK

    Personally we don't judge people because well judging others would not be a good thing to do plus we are better than that. I would say we welcome anyone to ADK and we are glad you decided to join ADK and become a part of the awesome gaming community. I hope you are ok and I know those kind of things are no fun to go through. I hope to see you in game soon Frank and it's good to meet you.
  11. Hello From SkyKinBOOM

    Good morning & welcome to =ADK=
  12. Hello

    Welcome to =ADK= always good to see more people wanting to join.
  13. Excited to become an official ADK member this week as well as getting my official ADK tags! =ADK= all the way have a wonderful day guys.

  14. Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks you guys worked hard! That was a great game.

  15. I apologize to any ADK team members I accidentally killed in PS2. I would never purposely kill anyone in the ADK Outfit. Just wanted to say sorry if I did shoot you in PS2. Yes I felt guilty about it and today is the only right thing to do is be honest. -Runner2011-


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