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Everything posted by stoneymuntz

  1. OMG Married life sucks esp when your wifem takes over the gaming computer to play candy crush!

    1. MrsVirtue1776


      Buy her an ipad for christmas! That's where i get my candy crush fix!

    2. Element
  2. My new ADK dishwasher

    I got a new dish washer and found that the ADK sticker fits perfectly. thanks AOB. Makes my kitchen look respectable now, haha[attachment=2387:20140128_122621.jpg]
  3. Sorry I have not been around to much but I have a new girlfriend and am spending some time with her. she also is a gamer yeah!

  4. Cooking with =ADK= Ash.

    @[member='Konvict1982'] I think I am going to have to try the sausage wrapped hard boiled egg that looks so darn good and I just got 4 bags of homemade country sausage. thanks for an idea I would have never thought of. Tell your Mom thanks as well. lol
  5. Oh no! Snow in the Carolinas, I hope Georgia makes it this time. lol

  6. snow still on ground lol omg we gonna be in trouble lol

  7. My new ADK dishwasher

    @[member='Area51Brett']@[member='Area51Brett'] thanks Brett that's an ADK Sticker I got lol I just put it on the dishwasher lol thanks for fixing the picture
  8. It's Sowing in South Carolina whoo hoo

  9. My new ADK dishwasher

    I wish I knew how to rotate these pics lol
  10. Razer keyboard

    ok I was bad and went and dropped $132 on the BF4 Razer Keyboard mainly because of the back light so I can see at night lol. My ? is does anyone have one of these and if so, what kind of settings do you use? it has all kinds of programmable keys and macros, I cant figure why I would need any macro for bf4/3 maybe in D&D online or some other mmo. Any ideas would be awesome. thanks
  11. This is just stupid

    -10 on the gene pool. I see nothing lol!
  12. Three word story

    Canadian bacon, eh!
  13. Razer keyboard

    now I broke down and got the matching BF4 Mouse Same Razer I do love the on the fly switching the sensitivity. and it was on sale because it was the last Best Buy had lol the same razer mouse non Bf4 was 5 dollars more not much savings but some none the less
  14. Favorite Artist/Band?

    The Grateful Dead Widespread Panic AC/DC Black Flag The Beastie Boys Iron Maiden not all but a few there are too many bands out there
  15. Come get your Cookies! Get them while there hot!

    welcome and don't worry about the shyness, I too have that issue, but I have found that I have come out of my shell so to speak. great bunch here so have fun.
  16. happy 2014 I hope everyone has a awesome time

  17. What game would you cross with battlefield?

    Farmville off of facebook, lol
  18. Happy holidays to all :)

  19. Canada eh?

    Don't forget us Southern boys, Go Carolina Hurricanes, I even believe we won one of them Lord Stanley's Cup.
  20. Glad to be alive, One Kidney down One still workin lol, thank goodness for computer gaming and ADK!

    1. stoneymuntz


      had a kidney shut don ive been sick for days couldn't figure out what till now doin ok home now

  21. yeah i got my mug and tee shirt

  22. affordable gaming laptop

    can anyone make a few suggestions on what is out there I looked at the razer website featured on our webpage but its too expensive, I just want one to take on trips dr. visits and whatnot so I don't have to miss anything, the laptop I have now barely plays world of tanks, wow and diablo3 it just cant handle the video. any suggestions would be awesome
  23. Your favorite Weapon in BF4: pick only one

    Mg-4 auto single click is a good burst fire even though no actual burst mode, very accurate
  24. ahh wifi again virginia peeps i do not know how you deal with cold Augusta county was icy to icy for this southern boy

    1. Nova


      I bet it was cold..

  25. have a happy thanksgiving gonna be off the grid so to speak in virginia no internet at sisters house in mtns boo. lol happy turkey day


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