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  1. OMG Married life sucks esp when your wifem takes over the gaming computer to play candy crush!

    1. MrsVirtue1776


      Buy her an ipad for christmas! That's where i get my candy crush fix!

    2. Element
  2. Sorry I have not been around to much but I have a new girlfriend and am spending some time with her. she also is a gamer yeah!

  3. Cooking with =ADK= Ash.

    @[member='Konvict1982'] I think I am going to have to try the sausage wrapped hard boiled egg that looks so darn good and I just got 4 bags of homemade country sausage. thanks for an idea I would have never thought of. Tell your Mom thanks as well. lol
  4. Oh no! Snow in the Carolinas, I hope Georgia makes it this time. lol

  5. snow still on ground lol omg we gonna be in trouble lol

  6. My new ADK dishwasher

    @[member='Area51Brett']@[member='Area51Brett'] thanks Brett that's an ADK Sticker I got lol I just put it on the dishwasher lol thanks for fixing the picture
  7. It's Sowing in South Carolina whoo hoo

  8. My new ADK dishwasher

    I wish I knew how to rotate these pics lol
  9. My new ADK dishwasher

    I got a new dish washer and found that the ADK sticker fits perfectly. thanks AOB. Makes my kitchen look respectable now, haha[attachment=2387:20140128_122621.jpg]
  10. This is just stupid

    -10 on the gene pool. I see nothing lol!
  11. Three word story

    Canadian bacon, eh!
  12. Razer keyboard

    now I broke down and got the matching BF4 Mouse Same Razer I do love the on the fly switching the sensitivity. and it was on sale because it was the last Best Buy had lol the same razer mouse non Bf4 was 5 dollars more not much savings but some none the less
  13. Favorite Artist/Band?

    The Grateful Dead Widespread Panic AC/DC Black Flag The Beastie Boys Iron Maiden not all but a few there are too many bands out there
  14. Come get your Cookies! Get them while there hot!

    welcome and don't worry about the shyness, I too have that issue, but I have found that I have come out of my shell so to speak. great bunch here so have fun.
  15. happy 2014 I hope everyone has a awesome time


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