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  1. where is everyone?

    i join ts but no one is ever on or i hardly see anyone D: atleast the old group of people i played with D:
  2. I was being a doucheeee

  3. How to Depop a Server the Right Way.

    this is why we love you pepsi
  4. pinky the derp sniper

    probablyt a busted graphics card knowing me but regardless too little too late battle feild made me a angry person xD
  5. pinky the derp sniper

    not bad been really busy playing other games since bf4 no longer works for me
  6. pinky the derp sniper

    so yea just gonna leave this here..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1sX3YdbwDg you got messed with so hard dude
  7. New BattleField, BattleField Hardline

    kinda done with battle feild will see how it goes might be great.....oh wait xD
  8. WARNING: Multiple Personality Disorder

    filth like this always get caught and then its a shame they cant let it go
  9. 71-0 MBT | Full Gameplay | Rush

    he came in like a wrecking ball......nice video
  10. No ADK players

    the thing is with battlefield in its current state.....its hard to play the game and enjoy it like myself for instance i was a admin and am now enjoying other games because they arnt broken
  11. Change the names of the adk no-explosives servers!

    the thing is its simple now if people cant get it in the current state then what hope does no throwables have....besides people normally stop after their 3rd point
  12. do i play unfair?

    see if people were more open minded relaxed and friendly like you this topic probably wouldnt exist but sadly is does and the majority seem to have a open mind :D and i have about 250+ on DOOM :D
  13. do i play unfair?

    ah ok i see now sorry if my response seemed harsh but like i said it seems like certain people feel as if people must abide by what they think (see top of the page comments for example)
  14. do i play unfair?

    i was playing a old atari console by the time i was 3 just because people have years under their belt gives them no reason to complain based on how others play or how thay have had their own gaming experiences
  15. do i play unfair?

    well if thats the case then people need to realize that this isnt 10-30 years in the past games are changing now where ping hardly changes a game .change happens we adapt to it and those who dont well.....i hardly need to say more.half the time when i play im being torn into by some scrub with a aws BECAUSE he cant kill me honestly if someone CANNOT kill a shitty below average player like me and blame it on ping well i dunno what to say my point is im get STOMPED into the ground by people with low ping but when i cant be killed its when people call me a high pinger or a high ping fuck? the point of this thread is to see who has a problem with it and who doesnt because it honestly feels like some of you wont talk to me because of this apart from when your mad or i feel uncomfortable playing with the people who will call me out on it

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