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  1. ^_^ i just want you guys to be active with me :) give me 1 reason for you to like battlefield 4  and 1 reason for you dont like battlefield 4
  2. hey ADK community

    ill be happu to have you on team speak :) and i an applicant now i hope they accept me and then being an admin on eu servers :) and its nice to meet you too :) 
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJIIgdSW6O4
  4. Hate new rocket system!!!!

    i got that rocket the sraw and i think it needs some fixes because it go hard left or hard right atoumatically and the second thing thats the rpg is more powerfull on tanks and armored vehicles and the smaw i use it for destroying enemy helis and jets because its the fastest rochet in battlefield 4 and i know that you like that rocket witch was in BFBC 2 and ihope you got like that thing in BF 4 after the fixes if they do fixes actually :) 
  5. Battlefield 4 vs Call of Duty Ghosts Reaction

    thats true but battlefeild is actually depends on team work and communicating with your team and geting skill by playing it but Cod is game witch needs fast reaction from the player and keep on moving but the thing makes it bad game because they always do the same game with other maps other killstreaks. weaponse and for me that player most be sick of tat sh** and for me i love battlefield ^_^ 
  6. hey ADK community

    hey guys i just want to introduce my self to you my name is ali im from isreal and i want to be helpfull part in ADK community    and if someone want to add me on battlelog my name is Col0NeLAli ill be glad to accept him as a friend like how we all are in this ADK community we   are all friends and you find me on team speak on    battlefield 4 Eu Servers room    thank you. :)    

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