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  1. Secret Santa Gift Exchange

    Forgot to mention I signed up for it a while back. please oh gracious lord please oh please let me be @Rockie488 secret santa I already know what i'm going to get him   :lol:
  2. The Division News

    going to pre order it as soon as it hits the market
  3. In my opinion if you could afford to throw down a bit more cash I think you should go with the r9 270x best bang for your buck it's what I'm getting
  4. I need something new

    Log Horizon .....nuff said...
  5. New to ADK. Looking for anyone to duo with

    you can add me if you'd like my ign is Cyberpunk25
  6. @[member='Artorias'] try out Nasus hes fun to play for me and personally my favorite he's easy to learn. I usually go top with him and he always holds out pretty well plus he is practically indestructible in late game. If you're thinking about playing him then let me know I can help you out I'm usually on later in the day around 5pm pst send me a pm sometime and i'll hop on and play with ya.
  7. So cal!

    I'm moving to San Diego in January let me know if we have a meet up around there next year
  8. LF 5's Team

    Hell I'll join but i work full time so I play late afternoons and weekends
  9. Favorite Champions?

    I'd have to say warrick and master yi those two are my favorite to jungle with
  10. WARNING: Multiple Personality Disorder

    lmao looks like I need to get some popcorn
  11. Wildstar Videos

    These videos explain why Wildstar is not a wow clone and what makes it so great. Check them out!   here's the link to the sight! http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/     http://youtu.be/p6oVX4jPkSY     http://youtu.be/Uxfc8tSNT8k     http://youtu.be/w36385GeQOU     these videos below show customization and housing side of Wildstar.     http://youtu.be/W6jTTeE7MLQ     http://youtu.be/nwmRTegcB68     Here are the trailers to wildstar which show the different factions, classes and paths.     http://youtu.be/x-NXdWk9sm8     http://youtu.be/9pgK0I3FqvU     http://youtu.be/2FhB3iYv4Ng     http://youtu.be/fn8648VGMKM     http://youtu.be/lmCyPXv5APY     http://youtu.be/6t0mgu0_i3c     http://youtu.be/hCaIxmffFWY
  12. For The Love Of Ponies - April Fools

    you people are sick lmao
  13. Wildstar! An MMO RPG!

    *Not my own post found it elsewhere on the site and thought it was appropriate to post it in here*     WILDSTAR   In Q1 2014, WildStar,  a long awaited MMO will be arriving and over the next several months I will be posting here occasionally to hype it up and see who if anyone is interested in forming a guild pre-release.  Usually I am not the one for this sort advertising, but this game seems that it may be very generous to those who start with a group early.  I know there are a handful of MMO gamers in ADK as I've talked to some, but just know, this invitation goes out to anyone who is interested whether you are familiar with MMO play or not.   What is known so far about WildStar:  [This is meant to be a fun read/ informative all in one.]   Cost $59.99 @ release with 30 Days free game time. Comes with (I believe) 2 7-Day guest passes for people on fence.   Subscription Cost $14.99/month However The model is Play to Pay, meaning you can pay with in game currency similar to EVE Online.   The subscription costs decrease incrementally based on the length example: $11/month if you subscribe for 1 year.   The play to pay model is what makes finding a good guild early so important as we can work together to fight off subscription costs, however the guild will indeed have to implement guidelines for members to receive these benefits.   Factions There are two factions Exiles and Dominion   Race [*new*] *****  It was recently unveiled in the Warrior Livestream that character race will not have any specific traits that will make them better candidates for certain classes.  For example, a race will not be able to mitigate a percentage more damage than another making it a better fit as a tank.  This is because the developers would like the players to be able to choose a race/class combo based on what they want aesthetically and not because of endgame attributes.   Exile Races Human For the boring MMO fan, like myself.   Granok Think of a boulder with rock arms and legs... and a head, need that head.   Aurin Half Man, Half Rabit, Half Squirrel. (Sort Of)   Mordesh Space Zombies?     Dominion Races Cassian ​Your boring evil human-like alternative!   ​Draken Well, they have horns, maybe a human/ram/cheetah crossbreed.  Think Thundercats.   Chua Adorable guniea pig sociopaths!   Mechari What does mech sound like? Yea... robots.   Classes Warrior **************************************************** Tank/Melee DPS  (Greatsword, Arm Cannon, Stomp) Warrior gets DPS/Tank stance as Innate. Warrior's stances change how some abilities work. Kinetic Energy bar (essentially rage) fills when you hit, drains quickly. Can swap stance in combat, but drains Kinetic Energy ****************************************************************   Spellslinger Ranged DPS/ Healer   Stalker Melee DPS/ Tank   Esper Ranged DPS/ Healer   [2 more undisclosed, but being hinted at:] Medic Engineer     Paths *New Info* Paths are a somewhat new concept, for me at least, that focus on players gamestyles to create a unique PvE experience.     Soldier:  You like to kill stuff, a lot of stuff.   Explorer:  For people like myself, who always want to try to find map exploits... except now they are put in the game on purpose.   Settlers:  Build a town! or a cannon, cannons work.   Scientists: Research stuff... I guess....   Each path contains unique missions and experiences, for example an explorer might find a hidden tunnel system to get around a map better. This becomes exciting if a group of people representing all these classes encounter tasks they can use each other to overcome.   *****  Each path will have its own non combat related perk (with cooldown) that allows them have a convenience related ability.  Two that have been mentioned are the ability to place a portal to the capital city [my guess is scientist personally] and another is to place a table with a community feast for health or possibly a buff (this could go either Settler or Soldier)   *****  Path Challenges have been seen as a soldier on the warrior livestream.  While playing as a Soldier (which is the path, not a class remember) during a quest a path challenge arose to kill (x) amount of mobs in (x) amount of time.  There were three tiers gold/silver/bronze.  The reward was not shown as they opted out of completing the challenge to pursue other information.     PvE *New Info* PvE will have the normal leveling experiences, and what sounds to be like GW2 style world events.  There will be endgame content for people who not only like Dungeons and Raids, but also new solo content every 8 [I believe] weeks called Elder Games.  From what I have heard in interviews  there will be tiered gear like epic/legendary from loot drops whether in pve or dungeon/raids.  This game utilizes the Holy Trinity, for those who don't know that is the Tank/DPS/Heal combo for dungeons and raids.   ***** Tagging mobs are now comparable to GW2 [which is great news].  What this means is that multiple people whether in a group or not will have the ability to tag single targets, gain xp, and loot.  It would be assumed that there is a damage table that will act as a xp/loot gate, meaning you can't come in at the end of a long fight with a elite mob, hit it once, and reap the rewards.   ***** Renown Points In an effort to promote socializing and grouping, you will be awarded with renown points while killing and questing your way to greatness in a party.  These renown points can be used to purchase "convenience and housing" goods.   *****  Map Size It's looking as though maps sizes may be pretty large.  Three continents, and space zones confirmed.  I am going on a limb to say that maps will resemble WoW with mainly faction based continents (1 each with some regions being contested on each) then one continent mainly containing contested areas.   *****  Sprinting Holding shift allows you to get a temporary speed boost that is very common in most FPS games.  While holding shift a small icon appears next to the character and a small stamina bar will tick down until sprint is depleted.   *****  Jumping Although it's not new information, it is new to this post.  Clicking jump once will jump once, clicking it a second time while in the air will give a double jump acrobatic move.   Player Housing Players will be able to clear their own land and build housing from the ground up, which includes craft stations, gardens, giant space cannons, raid entrances etc.  Loot drops from AI will give housing items as well as purchasable's that can then be placed in your house however you wish.  Logging out from your player housing like that of an Inn in WoW will give rested XP.   You can invite anyone over to your house, and they can use your stuff.  It is not clear yet as to if Settler Path players will get bonuses to building in player housing, although I imagine each path with have path specific items to be placed.  Also I have yet to hear whether or not housing can be shared between toons.   PvP PvP will have a couple different game types, and it is believed that there will be two types [casual/hardcore] casual would be like GW2 spvp where players gear is all on a level playing field and fights are dependent specifically based on skill. While Hardcore would be like  SWTOR or WoW where gear stats and weapons earned in PvP play a role.   Contest Regions. PVP Servers, always flagged for pvp combat. PVE Servers, self flag for pvp combat off by default.   Arenas:  Will be similar to WoW arenas however there will be a Team Deathmatch aspect with a certain number of respawns.   CTF: One flag, huttball like capture the flag where controlling the center of the map becomes the number one priority.  Control the flag spawn, control the game.   Battlegrounds:  This one is believed to be similar to maybe Rush in Battlefield where the attacking team must take control points in succession in a certain given time to win.   Battleplots:  This is where having a guild early comes in to use.  Based on the player housing style of building, you/your guild/ or group of friends will each receive a battleplot when you hit top level.  This battleplot can be built like a fort, however you wish, and you will then take on opponents.  It is not yet known whether or not you will lose all progress on your plot if it is destroyed in battle.  It has been said that you can capture a raid boss and then place it on your battleplot as a defense measure, which is, lets face it, the most f*cking awesome MMO thing to ever happen in PvP.     *******MOUNTS******* There are two confirmed mounts at this point, a hover bike... somewhat similar to the engineer bikes on WoW, and a Marty Mcfly hoverboard style mount that was just unveiled this week during a two day long community puzzle event that took place to unearth the video location.     Mounts have a health bar, it has not been stated whether or not mounts will be destroy-able, however it has been said that mounts will be able to take damage and at a certain point you will be dismounted and you will have a cooldown before you can ride again.  It has also been stated that each different mount will have a different ability (believed to be combat related), making each mount not only unique in looks, but unique in how it attributes to your game play style.   Flying mounts have already been confirmed, as Jeremy Gaffney had stated in a previous interview, that the game was built with flying mounts in mind all along.   ******UI/Addons*******   Carbine Studios/Wildstar Devs have been adamant on their desire to allow community created add ons and UI to be part of the game.  It was said in the recent livestream that one of the developers currently uses a DPS meter that was created during an earlier beta by a user taking part.  Not only does he use it, he also has been in contact with him giving the creator ideas on how to improve it before launch.             Here are some new notes taken from a recent live stream by a fellow /r/Wildstar reddit community member which I am going to post to save a little time, that may cover some stuff I've not gone over.   Hotbar You can slot 8 abilities from your Class Class abilities consist of Assault/Support/Utility You can slot 1 ability from your Path Path abilities tend to be out-of-combat utilities. You can slot 1 ability form an equipped Gadget Class abilities have 8 ranks you can tier up. Class abilities gain new effects at tier 4 and 8 Tiers can be raised or lowered for free out of combat Will have loadout system to save/load skill sets Final slot for Innate Abilitiy which cannot be changed   Open World Quests give you a bar that fills up when you complete objectives, more fill for harder objectives like GW2 hearts. Shared credit for all players attacking an enemy. More quest credit, loot, and exp the more you contribute. Kill Streak bonuses for finishing mobs in very short window (about 3 seconds) Kill streaks, interrupts, and other in-combat feats give short buffs as reward Buttonpress minigames for interacting with world objects (like repairing tech)     Character Advancement Six-direction passive grid (AMPs) [Basically a skill tree] Directions are Assault, Hybrid, Support, Utility, PvP Offense, Pvp Defense Support is Healing or Tanking, depending on your class Get one point every level from 6-max, maybe a few extra Some AMPs cost multiple points AMPs contain passive stats and abilities, conditional procs, and active skills. AMP lines exist that require sequential unlocks towards more significant benefits Respeccing AMPs has a coin cost that scales up the more often you respec.       More to come! Like before I will continue to keep posting on this, but until then if you are interested in more please keep up with the game on the /r/Wildstar reddit, the video pages and news on wildstar-online, and any other articles you can get your hands on.  As always for anyone interested in playing let me know, I'm still looking for more people to have a nice size guild ready for launch. 
  14. Wildstar

    I know this is old but I just wanted to mention that I love wildstar so far!  here's a link if you wan't to know more about the game   http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/52798-what-makes-wildstar-so-great-videos/
  15. Wildstar Online

    just gonna bump this up and post a link to a post I made with all the information on wildstar   http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/52798-what-makes-wildstar-so-great-videos/

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