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  1. my 'official' LOA

    im just playing with ya
  2. my 'official' LOA

  3. bored out of my mind

  4. What are you listening to right now?

  5. Happy Leif Erikson Day

  6. Just for Bazic. .

    another reason why the dolphins are the best
  7. Not sure if song lyrics, or your going to kill yourself.

  8. In some cultures, they only eat vomit. I never been there, but I read about it... *in a book*.

  9. My store is creepy at night

  10. its cold outside and i don't like it

  11. arrested development is coming back!!! thank you Obama

  12. do you think whales get thirsty?

  13. i live with some lazy ass people

  14. community is by far the funniest TV show i have ever seen

  15. I want to do something epic, I'm starting to get bored.


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