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Status Updates posted by Fuz

  1. When it comes down to it, you need to face the music and man up. The only person who can keep you down is yourself.

  2. Nothing like getting up and getting out of the house and seeing what there is in life.

  3. I've been more active lately. Gaming when I can.

  4. I'm glad to be back

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fuz


      The door was open slightly, So naturally I slither in.

    3. Tenbear


      What's the game plan? DayZ? Or H1Z1?

    4. Fuz


      A few games Ark maybe!

  5. I think I need to dance!

    1. Chief_Rockie


      Dance Brother, Dance!

    2. Fuz
    3. EET


      What the... you're still around? ^-^ There's an exile server callin' your name...

  6. It was fun while it lasted.

  7. ADK will always be a family to me no matter my status in it.

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    2. AirOfLightWitch


      i hope u plan to stay in touch with some of us "special" cases! love ya Fuz

    3. EET


      <3 <3 <3 <3 ;) :*

    4. Friendly Jon

      Friendly Jon

      What happened with fuzz?

  8. ADK means a lot to me.

    1. EET


      Awww that's so heartwarming... now join us for another shot at running an A3 server so I can shoot you in the face.

    2. FeatherSton3
    3. Blaze


      You know what's ironic Fuz somehow when I was coming back you got me back in Full Time. Playing Battlefield 4 you even asked about tag's put them back on. That was month's back.

  9. This new headset opens up sounds you've never heard before. Did you know there was a wooden block in Satisfaction by The Bliz

  10. H1Z1 Come on already.

  11. Tired

    1. FeatherSton3


      Attempting to care.

      1.... % 2.... % 3..... % 4..... % 5..... %

    2. Jabo
  12. I got the flu, No Christmas.

  13. It's official, I uninstalled Arma 2 and DayZ Mod for Arma 2

  14. One year in A Different Kind!

  15. 3 Days away from when I joined the community.

  16. H1Z1! Come out already.

    1. CaGregorio


      Right there with you......but remember it is coming out SOON. Lol

    2. Fuz
    3. Mattcubus


      You can have H1Z1 when HL3 comes out

  17. I'm back! I enjoy playing games!

    1. Yors


      That's fine ._.

  18. I will be gone Sunday to Wednesday Evening.

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    2. Nova


      The full game is releasing in 2015 OCtober

    3. Nova


      well nvm could be fake

    4. CaGregorio


      Yeah saw that ADK posted that on twitter....is it true???

  19. H1Z1 Stream today www.twitch.tv/h1z1

  20. H1Z1 Sream today www.twitch.tv/h1z1

  21. H1Z1 is the new DayZ

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fuz


      Fuck yes. I want to be a manager.

    3. reidloS doG

      reidloS doG

      Good luck getting that passed Protoss. He will chain you to a chair for DayZ.

    4. ProtossMaster


      Fun is a big boy, he can do what he wants.


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