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  1. Teamspeak requirement

    Good point. Guess i'll get over the shyness and buy a new mic eventually...   Until then, I'll be that one player who chats in text and forces everyone to alt-tab constantly :P
  2. Teamspeak requirement

    So I've reviewed the application requirements:  You must have 20 forum posts  10 hours of gaming on an ADK server  10 hours of being on Team Speak  Being active on our Game Servers  Introduce yourself in the Introduction section.   I've done everything except the 10 hours on teamspeak... which is kinda scary to me >_>'   So this is a stupid question, but do I actually reeeally have to get a mic and hop on teamspeak to join ADK ^^?
  3. What do you do while waiting for players?

    still, how many shots did it take to do that lol
  4. What do you do while waiting for players?

    Anyone find any easter eggs while messing around?   I saw this video of someone on the Hainan Resort's basketball court - he shot at the basketball and made it into the goal... lol
  5. [sharedmedia=gallery:images:933]   ... because I mark my territory, and let's just say they're lucky I had a blowtorch >_>    
  6. Random Pics

    Random Pictures ^^?
  7. New Gadgets - Assignment Requirements!!

    Nice find! Any ideas on what it is? Sounds like a player-launched counter UAV to me, buy I've never seen that acronym before ^^'
  8. A Guilin Peaks map?! I went to the rice paddies there a long time ago. If anything, It should be a good time watching the tank drivers go insane as they try to scuttle from flag to flag... lol   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:932]
  9. Random Pics

    Random Pictures ^^?
  10. Fuzums

    Cat people are always good people :) and yay boilmakers!! I'm guessing you play engineer cb :P
  11. Fuzums

    Thanks all! It's good to find a community that brings people together from all types of games.   I might have to check out the minecraft servers you guys host one of these days :D
  12. Fuzums

    Hi all,   I'm Fuz! Recently I've been playing on a lot of ADK servers for BF4, and really enjoy playing with the ADK members - they're some of the few people out there that don't trash talk strangers every two seconds...   I've been playing FPS games since counter-strike days (votemap de_dust ftw!) and was a huge fan of battlefield 1942 (especially the modern combat mod thingy). Ever since then I've picked up all the battlefield titles, and I'm really getting into BF4 now :D   Outside of gaming I do research in medicinal chemistry for a lab that nearly blows up everyday, fun stuff! I also have a cat!   So ya... that's me: games, lab, cat. yay!   Looking forward to playing with all of you in game! -Fuz(ums)
  13. Fuz

    I was a pink haired gnome named fuzball. Founder of the guild SquirrelBox on Perenold... I guess I also like the memories I made on WoW, but still feel like I made a few too many of them lol...   so many years were lost jumping up and down in the auction house...   I'm a hardcore RPG fan/addict though. FFXI is probably one of my favs :)
  14. Fuz

    Hi Fuz!   I'm also fuz and recently joined the forums as well :) ...and if that's not enough, WoW is also a low-point in my life too lol   Nice to meet you!
  15. A Letter To The Battlefield Community

    debbie cakes and <3's to you my friend :)

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