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  1. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMuBBCBt5YPKwVBSX6JZoBQ
  2. a quick look at the battlefield theme songs

    i was loading bf4 while watching it and my game crashed when i got to the bf 4 part
  3. this is the evolution of the theme songs  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG3W7jNA8Zg
  4. Battlefield 4 and its life cycle!

    i do love battlefield though
  5. Computer Wiz? i need your input, My Specs

    I like the cooler master scout 2 for portability
  6. Computer Wiz? i need your input, My Specs

    Check out scaling for 2 270x s vs 1 290x
  7. AMD New line of GPU's

    What do you guys think of mantle ?

    What do you guys think of cooler master keyboards
  9. iPad Air

    Why would they call it the iPad air are they that dumb ... Of course the new ones going to be smaller. ...except for the third gen iPad which is really the retina display one ...lololololol
  10. R9 270x better than 650ti?

    Is the 270x better than the 650ti because of mantle for battlefield 4?
  11. New here

  12. Weapon Damage

    if you are counterknifing does it matter what your knife is ?
  13. RIP BF3?

    ya when i got bf4 i wished goodby to bf3
  14. Battlefield 4 and its life cycle!

    its for the digital copy
  15. Battlefield 4 and its life cycle!

    they already are releasing dlc and not fixing the issues

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