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  • Birthday 06/24/1994

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    Video games (mmo's, fps', jrpgs), Anime, Manga, Archery, hiking, Japanese.

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    Windows 7
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    Asus 787-A
  • Processor
    Intel I7 4770k @4.3ghz
  • Graphics
    Gtx 770 Super
  • PSU
  • RAM
    16gig corsair vengeance
  • Storage
    2tb hdd and a 64gb ssd
  • Audio
    Creative Soundblaster Z
  • Monitor
    Toshiba 46in lcd tv
  • Case
    Coolermaster Haf Xm
  • Peripherals
    Cyborg MMO7 and Cyborg v7. Turtle Beach DX12 headset
  1. Audio Hotfix!

    Tried this and it didnt really work for me. I created a help page on EA answer headquarters and 26 people said they have the same problem. No one from EA has responded yet. 
  2. your specs?

    Crysis 3 with highest aa settings wont run on a build like mine. Its pretty hardware intensive. back when i had a 470 with 4 gigs of ram and a q660 i couldnt even get a solid 50 running ultra without aa on crysis 3.
  3. ^_^ New Guy ^_^

    I play Aion, Guild Wars 2, Rift and i do have a wow account. If anyone wants to play with me just send me a message. Thanks.
  4. Another silly follower

    Add me in origin, my ign is Skullkid556. I look forward to playing with you!
  5. Hey!

    Add me in origin, my ign is Skullkid556
  6. RIP BF3?

    As with every new game people are going to condemn the old and move on. From what iv seen 50% or more of the gaming community usually stays and plays. Dont worry about it a whole lol. People still play cod4 and crysis multiplayer.. Games that came out almost 7 years ago and they both have multiple sequels. Ill be playing battlefield 4 a lot more than battlefield 3 now, but ill still go back to bf3 every once in awhile. Its still a great game.
  7. your specs?

    My specs: gtx 770 acx superclocked 2gb, 16gigs of corsair vengeance, i7 4770k @4.2ghz liquid cooled, 787-A motherboard, Sound Blaster Z sound card. All inside of a Cooler Master Haf-Xm. $1900 for all of it.. Runs battlefield 4 on ultra at a solid 60 fps with vsync. Crysis 3 at a solid 60 fps on max with 4x txaa. Best gaming rig iv ever had.
  8. Campaign

    I thought it had a great story-line, but it was way too short.. I was expecting at least 10 hours of gameplay. 7.5/10

  10. Just saying hello

    Hello everyone! I go by Skullkid in most games but you can just call me Alex if you would like. Its been about two years since iv affiliated myself with a actual clan or other type of gaming community and I would just like to say that I am excited to do so once again. Soloing is fun for awhile but it definitely gets a bit lonely and I suppose that's where you guys come in! Im looking forward to getting to know all of you so feel free to reply to this and ill do my best to respond. I suppose I should make a point of what games I play and like to play. I mostly go for fps games and mmos but im open to anything really. My favorite fps would have to be Battlefield 3 and now Battlefield 4 and my favorite mmos would be Guild Wars 2 and Aion. I do play a lot of minecraft so if you guys want me to play with you just let me know. My ign for that is Link_ToTheCraft. I also play a lot of single player games. Mostly rpgs and jrpgs; Oblivion, Morrowind, Skyrim, Fallout, Dark Souls, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest.. The list goes on. Im also a huge otaku and a Legend of Zelda fanboy. Thats about everything I guess.. Anything more will come from you guys getting to know me :). Thanks for reading.

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