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    Girls, Booze, Pizza and Videogamezz

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    Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
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    Asus Z97 chipset Pro Gamer
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    Intel Core i7 4790k @ 4.00GHz
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    Asus R9 280X directcu II TOP Clocked to 1.25GHZ with 1750HZ VRAM Clock
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    Chieftec A 135 series 850 W
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    8Gb Kingston Hyper X 1833MHz
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    3 HDDs in total of 2,5 Tb
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    Samsung Syncmaster BX2450L "Clocked" to 75 hertz refresh rate
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    Zalman Z3 Plus
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    Razer Abyssus and Logitech G105 Keyboarf and steelseries headphones.
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  1. Jet tips

    Bind pitch up to space bar and you'll do magic. :)
  2. WAZZUP! :)

  3. Cinema 4D models

    Just going to post stuff that i'm going to make on Cinema 4D. Feel free to use them as you please.
  4. I need opinions on what mouse to get...

    Any mouse that you feel most comfortable with if you ask me.
  5. #2 Populted itself?

    praise the lord!!!!
  6. I Luuuuuuuuuuv Tittieeeeees

  7. An ArmA 3 video, relevant to ALL gamers. . .

    Absolutely correct! Never really thought of this topic. i've given my fair share of opinion in good and bad form. But man have i never given it a second thought that the dev might be reading it and thinking is something i created really this shit.
  8. What if i'm not online for a while?

    @[member='Phreaktaco'] @[member='Blaze']   Ok. no need to be nervous about it anymore :P
  9. What if i'm not online for a while?

    So what if i am not online for a while, will i be banned? for e.g, this week. couldn't find the time to get online because of personal reasons and school stuff.
  10. So my app is in the declined section but with a comment on it by recruiter saying i'm accepted. so which one?
  11. ACE 23 best attachments?

    Heavy barrel, Folding grip and a coyote sight. for some reason i like to use it that way.
  12. Mine is probably The Godfather gameseries for the PS2 :D even though it has only two games which the first one is good i think it can be count as a series because of the movies. But if i would pick a real game series that i had the most fun in it would be Sly series.   So tell me what's your most favourite gameseries of all time and why. i just like to know :D
  13. Just incase... I'M A MEMBER!!

  14. Glitching on BF4

    So i think i can speak for many others here when i talk about this. Thing is, I including many others like to play on metro 24/7 server but the glitching is so bad that it makes it almost unplayable since admins can't do anything about it yet. Since it has become to a point where we have stopped enjoying playing battlefield because of those glitchers i have taken the initiative to atleast try to do something about it. Now i ask for people who feel to same to start talking about this so the heads of =ADK= will hear us and understand this situation and give the admins permission to ban those glitchers. This isn't meant to be a rant neither insulting, if it is then i am sorry.     ~Warthog
  15. Introduction! Hey all!

    @[member='AirOfLightWitch'] okay, Thanks! :)

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