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    Regarding gaming, I love casual-hardcore gaming. Its no genre but its self explanatory, I'm not a min/maxing player other than in team FPS. I take myself too seriously IRL to be that way in-game :). May Star Citizen bring the gamer outa me for good?
    I spend most of my time in PS2 right now, but I'm also catching up on SC's flight module. Not planning on losing that ship lika sloppy newb.
    Also I really like to watch gaming streamers and youtubers such as Totalbiscuit, Northernlion, Baertaffy, Jesse Cox...

    I usually do all that at once, beacause time and reasons.
    And nowadays, I can start training for both Star Citizen & Elite : Dangerous since the beautiful Th3eRaz3r arranged a giveaway for Elite in which I was a lucky winner!

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    mohedge, momohedge, rustyhedge
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    Win 7 HP
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    i5-2400 quad
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    HD 6670 Radeon... sorry :)
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    Good old 1TB HDD
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    19:17 LG monitor and 27'' TV
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    Mouse: Rat7, Headset: logiteck h800

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  1. Hey there people! I'll be honest I lost touch with ADK. Been at least 6 year 'xD. We played Planetside 2 back in my day! Anw, back on the tarkov train now and I'm acking to team up. Shall I join the discord? Also changed computers so I can't say I remember if we use discord now, or if Teamspeak is still a thing. Halp?
  2. HUD Color Scheme

    I've ran into the same problem, I gotta put some more rend in there to differenciate, thought that applies to all, and not just the sensor :(
  3. HUD Color Scheme

    Hey guys, maybe some of you follow elite dangerous content outside of their own experience withing ADK. Then you might have come by so images or streams with people showing such a HUD as this one:   http://arkku.com/elite/hud_editor/#theme_0_0_1_0_1_0_1_0_0   Or this one:   http://arkku.com/elite/hud_editor/#theme_1_0_0.33_1_1_1_0.33_0_1   Which you will notice is far from vanilla standarts hahaha. Has anyone been playing with their own HUD color lately? Are you using the same tools as that prvided by CMDR Arkku?   There are so many possible combinations, no one would have time to try them all out to their liking. Give people a chance to see what you do. Who knows, maybe they'll prefer what they see to what they already have. Post your own trial down below and get inspired!   (my own is the first one with quasi-cobalt blue with complementary yellowish )   Hereby the links to Arkku's test website and a youtube video to allow you to find out how to safely tweek you HUD Color   Arkku's Tool   XofJSA's tutorial
  4. Hi im jake

    I like the spirit! As long as you show you can follow the team, I'll be fighting beside you.   See you on the field

    Thanks again Razer, its really appreciated
  6. Hey folks! My ship:   Origin Jumpworks 300i

    I'm in! see you there
  8. Midterm is coming...

  9. 'I see dead tangent lines...'

  10. Happy 21st Birthday to Maj. Grimm

  11. Downtime before mid-term-shizsturm

  12. The relief after 'quarter term' exams

  13. I'm Mohedge, I play Planetside 2

    Thanks guys, I'm liking the attitude! 
  14. I'm Mohedge, I play Planetside 2

    Well,   it has already been like 6 months since I posted this, and I feel like I need to make an update since I had to resubmit my application form. How did the old one get lost? Hmmm... Reasons I guess? A lack of 20 posts I guess :P   To whom may be looking around to know what I'm up to these days, I'm still as set on soending as much time on my studies as possible. Unfortunately, this does mean less time for gaming, less fun in PS2, less practice for Star Citizen. (you know, that damn game that just wont seem to come out :P) But dont you worry, this doesn't mean I will be dead weight (it's a figure of speech I guess,... I know its the internet, virtual.. anw) I still plan on being to the very least active on the forums, keeping the hype real for SC and make slightly brainy statements all over your posts.   I plan on seeing you guys on some weekends and certainly during the holydays.
  15. Sounds like a good idea, but I'm always weary that images can be subject to photo-shop, rendering them unreliable... unffortunatly :( In any ways, I guess I can't be risking much if I prep it right, knowing all this. I'll get there when the 300R comes out.

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