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  1. What's your occupation?

    I have an Uncle that used to work for NASA as a contractor but it wasnt anything engineer based. I dont really remember what he actually did, probably something with satellites since he moved to Verizon for that line of work during my middle school years.
  2. Jeep Fun + First Repair Tool Kill

    You make it look so easy
  3. Not enough tickets?!

    I agree they should be raised to at least 500/600. Currently at 100 tickets the games last no more than 5m30s
  4. Be Aware of Your Internet Profile

    A book by the famous (former) hacker Kevin Mitnick, is also a good read. Semi dry, but has a lot of practical social engineering stories and ways to detect it.   http://www.scis.nova.edu/~cannady/ARES/mitnick.pdf
  5. With all of the talk of internet connected cars and driverless cars in the past few months, security professionals have been warning of the fact that your internet connected car may not be safe. There have already been proof of concept research projects that allow potential attackers to remotely take control of your car and drive it against your will (faster, slower, turning, radio controls). This article talks a little more about the vulnerabilities about these cars, and how they can be secured from the manufacturer side.     http://www.infosecisland.com/blogview/23446-Vehicle-VPNs-Part-One-The-Connected-Car.html
  6. What's your occupation?

    If you're interested, check out what a few of us had replied to GuessWho regarding joining the military. It's in the General Chat section
  7. What's your occupation?

    Woooah.... cool experience(s) for both occasions! 
  8. New Nvidia Driver Available NOW

    Grabbed it last night. Havent had the chance to pop into BF4 yet though  :( stupid thing called sleep takes up most of my day (I shouldnt even be awake atm)
  9. What's your occupation?

    Yes, I would love to be on a team where major corporations or government agencies hire us for yearly audits. The health care industry makes that sort of thing mandatory for operation so that keeps White Hats always in need.  :D
  10. What's your occupation?

    I should also add that I'm a SSG in the Army National Guard, primarily I do a lot of technical work and analysis. 
  11. What's your occupation?

    We have to write some technical articles as well and yes, I feel your pain (very least in that aspect of your job). Good luck with the career change!

  13. What's your occupation?

    Hey all, hope you've been having a good morning/afternoon/evening/night/late-night.   I've actually been wondering what everyone does for a living since we have a large number of people with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds.   I work in cyber security monitoring for attacks, malware infections, and anomalous traffic. I have a server admin and help desk background as well. I am working towards becoming an ethical hacker/penetration tester. I also do a small bit of malware analysis on my own at home to learn what the malware had done to the computer and where it is reporting out to on the internet.
  14. Meeting with Air Force Recuiter, Any Military Members?

    sooo my laptop died after I had 5 paragraphs typed out..... stupid me for not saving it and assuming my laptop would go into hibernate to save my work....So here I go again trying to emulate what I had spelled out before to the same detail.   I'm currently a SSG in the NY Army National Guard and I'm going to have an extremely different experience than others with my military career of 7 years so far. I'm a military analyst and love my job, however I also have a few different inherited duties as well. Due to my extreme technical background and fast understanding of how our section needs to be set up for a mobilization or deployment, I have the job of managing all of our technical equipment, to include operating, administration, maintenance, movement, and set up for trainings/deployments.   The best thing I can recommend to you since you're in the talking/research phase is to talk to MULTIPLE recruiters for EACH branch and piece together what they tell you the job(s) you are initially thinking of and military life will be like. Once you get that far with them you can slice and dice the information they told you, for that branch, and get a bit more of a "real" sense of what it will be like. Ask for every study source for your ASVAB, as the others have said, since that is going to be your deciding point of how "good" of a military experience you can have job wise. Don't sign anything until you get what you want like they said, but keep in mind that some jobs dont give out bonuses because those are more reserved for the high-demand, critical job functions (intelligence, technical jobs, aviation...etc). I believe goarmy.com actually tells you more information about the 250+ jobs as to what are considered critical MOSs that get bonuses.    I would not recommend choosing a job that you already do civilian side due to the fact that you would be constantly be performing that job, but have to go through all of the training for that particular job to learn "The Army Way" of how to do it. Instead, look for jobs that interest you or think you would love doing after you learn the job. To find this job, research a lot on the official Army sites, and even go to their forums and talk to other people that do the jobs you are looking into. Ask them what it's like, how they like it, CAREER GROWTH. Some MOSs promote fast, but dont offer senior positions until someone leaves the senior level's slot (like mine). Some jobs take forever to even get promoted to E3/E4 and you get treated horribly or get no recognition (cooks, mechanics [depending on the unit], public affairs...etc).   Career growth is big because not only will you get more money, but you'll gain more respect and considered better at the job than others. The military isnt necessarily a high-paying field unless you are in for a wicked long time (20+ years) and hold a senior level position (E7-E9/O4-O7). Each MOS has a certain amount of available "slots" that you can progress to so career growth can be a major thing to consider.   As for preparing for Basic for any branch, I recommend doing 30 pushups or situps when you wake up, 30 before bed for the last 2 months before you ship out. This will start to condition you for the physically demanding side of Basic and will give you a leading edge against some others. However, regular workouts should be more focused more on your weak points of the following - running, upper/mid body, pullups, endurance. When you get to Basic, everyone talks and psychs themselves out about the gas chamber. I had a friend that told me one key thing when he went through his Navy basic training that helped me conquer this training requirement and applies to real life even- AT ALL TIMES, KEEP CALM AND BREATHE NORMALLY. Staying calm in every stressful situation allows you to think more clearly and take action more appropriately.    I know I probably went above and beyond what you were looking for, but if you have any further questions feel free to ask me! I'm always glad and willing to help.
  15. Battlefield 4 Launch Party

    I'll hopefully be there in 4 hours ish. I'm not an ADK tech guru, but I'm extremely technically oriented as well due to my career.

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