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  • Birthday September 4

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    Graphic design in programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. Also build 3D printers and make tiny electric vehicles for shits and giggles.

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    Win. 10
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    ASUS Z87m +
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    Intel core i5 quad 3.2 GHZ overclocked to 4.4 GHZ
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    Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 OC ACX
  • PSU
    Corsair CX 650
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair DHX dominator RAM
  • Storage
    2TB Hitachi 7200RPM 64MB cache
  • Audio
    Audio Technica ATH M50 (Headphones)
  • Monitor
    [Dual screens] 1x Dell ultra-sharp, 1x Acer (dont know the model xD)
  • Case
    In-Win Ironclad premium chassis
  • Peripherals
    Roccat Tyon Pro Mouse | Cooler Master CMStorm Quickfire Rapid-i mehcanical keyboard | Blue Yeti microphone |
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  1. League of Legends Art Contest!

    I'll let it speak for itself. Words just get in the way of beauty.
  2. Overwatch UGC Comp Team 1

    DJKhaled#11622 (I didn't realise you only got one free change) Heroes: Pharah, Zarya, Zenyatta, Reinhardt, and Soldier if needed. I can also play pretty much anything else outside of McCree and Sombra. Strengths: Accuracy, strategy, timing, communication. I recently did an overhaul on my desk arrangement and settings and have increased my aim over %10 across the board with the exception of a few heroes with more and less. Season high: 2650. Current: 2590. (about) Availability: 4:30pm to 12am CST is my range of when I'm available or playing Can also stream / record games.
  3. ADK Overwatch Stocking Event

    WEW! Got it done! First thing was to make a pattern of a stocking and cutout the design I wanted to applique to the stocking. Second, I cutout 2 layers from black quilt and cut a hole for the chiffon to show through with the lights. LIGHTS! I wanted to do lights from the beginning so I wanted to do that as cheaply as possible so I scavenged a few LED flickering candles, took out the LEDs and made this thing. I didn't feel like making a proper enclosure for the batteries so I just glued some aluminum foil to a piece of cardboard to act as the ground and a reflector for the lights. Now, for the finished product! Dog tax. This is my dog, Fletcher.
  4. ADK Overwatch Stocking Event

    what if it needs to be plugged in but otherwise completely functional?
  5. My jimmies are on maximum over-rustle right now.

  6. Steam Name: iQue SteamID: TheiQue Stream Link (If Streaming): Twitch.tv/iQueGaming Hours/Days that you can play: 2-4
  7. I was requested by @Rosebud to make her a forum signature. I was given "Mercy or Zenyatta" as a direction to go in. I just kinda lost myself. I really enjoyed making this and would love to take some requests
  8. Forum signature size

    Actually not exactly. All sigs are weblinks. it's just when you attach an image it uses the ADK image host. Either way it won't allow anything bigger and 700w x 150h. It must've JUST changed because Dowin's sig is 284 tall which is almost twice the allowed height.
  9. Forum signature size

    Maybe, but look at how small it is compared to yours (don't even). I wonder if it has something to do with the PPI or otherwise. I'll toy with some things and see what happens. UPDATE: I'm a big stupid and didn't export for web; therefore, the PPI is really high but with a low resolution so it appears small. No more worries @Dowin Thanks, iQue
  10. Everyone vote for Insanity! For everyone who votes, I'll buy 50 loot crates. True story.
  11. I appreciate that "Insanity" option. It makes my life worth living.
  12. Forum signature size

    This forum signature is the max resolution yet it appears so small. I know for a fact my previous signature was much larger than this and I see other people with much larger signatures. I just want to know if something was changed recently or am I just retarded. Thanks, iQue
  13. My new signature

    I made a signature. If anyone wants a signature I love making these things just PM me on discord. EDIT: I don't know why it appears so small even when it's the max resolution that the site permits.

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