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  1. Introduction

    @razzer From one devildog to another you got a +1 from me. Had a great time talking shit about the other services on discord.
  2. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    Can't wait! Took time off work for release lol
  3. Wildstar Recruitment posts.

    Thanks, @[member='ReapYou']. I realized yesterday I had the subscribe mode button un-clicked so no one showed up in any of the channels or I would of jumped into one with everyone
  4. Wildstar Recruitment posts.

    Not a fan of the social features in this game -_-
  5. Wildstar Recruitment posts.

    How do we get an guild invite or join it?
  6. Battlefield Top Plays

    Nice job @[member='boogly_oglly'] as always
  7. Yuki on Raptr

    @[member='Yuki_Sorrelwood'] is a pretty big deal in the BF4 community on Raptr
  8. Anyone else seen this?

    I see it all the time
  9. I have a theory I want to test

    Will you ever share? Or Pepsi's little secret?
  10. Battlefield Top Plays Ep. 37 - Feat. Boogly_oglly

    He's number six   Great vid again @[member='boogly_oglly']
  11. New Nvidia Drivers

    I haven't had any issues with the new deivers Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  12. CTE Patch Went Live!!!

    Well origin wont stop freezing for me.
  13. Hockey

    Minnesota got knocked out don't really care anymore. I do hope someone breaks gabby's leg tho
  14. Insane Little Bird Piloting!

    That's just.... wow I'm literally speechless
  15. New graphic card, no image

    Same for me. I usually just unhook everything and recheck connections

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