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  1. A Letter To The Battlefield Community

    http://imgur.com/3udw5pG" />
  2. Hello!

    lol this is a surprise phfaggot!   check em out honestly these guys are pretty legit and its a community, so its all about the people and the gaming environment.   poke around your no the only one doing it lol its me, you, destructive, chumanio, zemco, valor, doctor paveal, chili nor, and the others over at LCS have checked this place out as well sooooo who knows   ​also there website is fucking amazing me and zemco shit ourselves looking at all the code.
  3. Another silly follower

    hey look he's mad    mad bro?   madbroyolo
  4. following some friends...

    Id change my teamspeak name to phaggot but I'd probably get banned again lmao
  5. Hey!

    thanks for the welcome guys so far liking what im seeing here 
  6. following some friends...

    Fefgits* is the correct inside joke for this one lol
  7. the nords are invading.

    I fee like i know you...   hmmmmmmmmm lol
  8. Once more into the fray.

    do i know you? lol
  9. following some friends...

    phfaggotttttttttt    :P   lol mind our inside jokes adk people we mean no harm just some shenanigans
  10. Howdy!

    lol I wonder if the others will check this place out
  11. Hey!

    Hey guys, well my name in real life is Elias and I enjoy playing video games with friends.   I looked up the kind of games you guys play and are very active on all the big ones (battlefield,plantetside,war thunder, etc.) which is perfect.   So I would love to test the waters over here and see If fit in with the people here.    I love to get some competitive edge going when needed (I have 59 service stars with the jet in bf3 jetwhore!) and love getting silly with some shenanigans sometimes such as gmod prop hunt or trouble in terrorist town.      

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