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  1. PC Specs for SC

    If your looking to build one without the hassle of massive research a good site to chrck out is www.cyberpowerpc.com my roommate got an affordable pc there all rrady to go for relatively cheap
  2. Anyone get into the death chicken module?

    UEE Citizen Record #434467 q.q  
  3. Just pledged

    @[member='Dalriaden']     I agree hahaha, one thing that i have found that was easier was for me to use my PS3 controller but i'm sure those joysticks would be awesome.   But i really gota wait for them to optimize the graphical settings otherwise ima just die over and over in multiplayer :/
  4. Just pledged

    idk about the soundtrack and the squad 42 isnt out yet
  5. Just pledged

    @[member='Dalriaden']   https://robertsspaceindustries.com/media/dpd639fngtcakr/source/Arena-Commander-Pilots-Guide-V0-8.pdf
  6. Just pledged

    I tell u what it took me like an hr to not kill anything ntil i read the pdf... there was a lockon... lol check it out if u havnt Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  7. Just pledged

    Well arena commander was solo but they arr releasig multi in tiers to test their servers i think. U can still play against ai Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  8. Just pledged

    Get the client and u can play single combat untill they openup ur pledge number for multi Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  9. On the Edge....

    To tell u the truth i think its a fun game and although its not done yet and wont be a pay per month based game thats all the better imho. But the lvl of detail that comes with it is awesome... even if i cant run it that high
  10. Welcome to the future... gettin taken down by a fridge. Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  11. Member Picture Thread

    ok ok ill finally give in and shoot one out there.  
  12. @[member='Jango38']   as long as the requirements were met during your application process you will have an application review done by the recruiter for your section you are applying for. Then, on Monday you should get a reply from one of our recruiting admins on the status of your application.   good luck to you.   again im sure you already know but just to toss this out there, review the following below:     Requirements To Be Accepted: You must have 20 forum posts 10 hours of gaming on an ADK server 10 hours of being on Team Speak Being active on our Game Servers Introduce yourself in the Introduction section       Community Member Expectations: Joining us on Team Speak Having Fun! Visiting the forums daily, posting new topics, and responding to others.         On a side note, the quality of posts will be reviewed by the recruiter for your section. So as long as posts weren't spammed and you don't have a post like "lol" or like "yeah" then you should be fine as long as the other requirements were fulfilled.   good luck to you!
  13. Hello, This is Me!

    @[member='Pavvel']   great to have ya here with us at ADK. Myself am a computer science major and will be furthering my studies into software engineering.   enjoy yourself and again, welcome !
  14. hey guys

    @[member='joeylamb']   welcome, curious what games do you play?
  15. Elmosdarkside

    @[member='elmosdarkside']   Gaming usually helps me with stressful times... but idk about that dayz, i run away from zombies non stop to just get sniped by someone X_X   but welcome to ADK :)

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