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    I play crack'd, so any name I want! :p
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    Headphones when shit gets real, PS3 controller with Xbox 360 drivers, and a WIRED connection for gaming. (I'm looking at you, wifi-ranked scrubs.)
  1. I remember that either last week or this week, Teemo was on RP sale. He's overwhelmingly popular anyway.
  2. Favorite Champions?

    Sona, Soraka, Syndra, Akali, and Ashe. They are some bad bitches, and I have gone legendary at least once on each of them. Pentas with Ashe and Akali. Poke + sustain = :DDDDDDD
  3. So things have been looking up for me on League of Legends.   Just last week I got a penta kill with Akali, while team had a TF middle that wasn't there from the beginning. I don't have the score palette for the game as it was a week ago and I've played 10 since then, but boy was it good. 3 days ago I won 7 games in a row, and I'm currently on a 10 game streak.    My Sona is at 60% W/L on ranked, and now that I have discovered the beauty of Soraka Top Lane solo (it's all in the starfall), it looks like I may have to rethink what I thought top meta was. Heals from the sky can rival Shen's shield-teleport or even Jarvan's Cataclysm, and with ridiculous aoe, silence, and heals with w, it's a sustain that only the gods can topple.   As shown in the picture, I've been able acquisition a ridiculous amount of turret kills (7 in one game!) since I settled on the best builds for each champion compared to the other builds I have made for other individual champions.   I like where League is going.     Tips:   Don't be afraid to read every aspect of a champions abilities before a game, knowing Soraka's Starfall reduces enemy MR or that Sona's Power Chord has a stacking, separate effect for each spell can change the outcome of countless games, otherwise ruined by a lack of preparation.   The honor system helps to find players who don't cuss at all of their teammates, and who don't throw games once they decide the game has been lost. The more you choose honorable players after a game, and the more polite you are in game, the more polite the people you will be paired with, and the more honor you will receive, stacking eventually exponentially.   The more you put down or insult, whether it's directed at the enemy team, your own team, or even a single person, the worse every player is going to do that game. This has been proven using an active study on reports and game W/L ratios, conducted by Riot themselves.   Since the support update, it would seem any good aoe can top, and any good, consistent stun/heal/ad,ap boost with bruising can support well enough to secure most games when paired with a viable ADC.   If you play support, buy an ancient coin before you leave base for the first time of the game. 3g for each minion that dies near you stacks QUICK, and the item grants mana regen and health regen. What more could you ask for?   [attachment=2311:Turrets son.jpg]
  4. MSG me on this site to meet me on LoL, PS2, PSO2, and anything else you like to play!

  5. So about last night...

    It just keeps getting better and better, @[member='Novaura']. Check the latest, continued from that last game with Akali. All these new ones were solo queue, though. I played with anyone, level 1 to platinum. Shoot me a message.  
  6. Pro Blitzcrank here

    Looks like your carries are doing thier job!
  7. So about last night...

      Zombiehugs <3 and I just had to lay down the smack down on some puck ass scrubs last night. We had a great time, shoot me a message at my IGN: Arcdaemon, if you want to get down with us.
  8. Want to learn to play LoL

    Let me throw some knowledgable links atcha. http://www.lolpro.com/guides/game-play/168-game-play-guide-zoning THE essential guide. without zoning, there is nothing. http://www.lolpro.com/guides/game-play/169-game-play-guide-solo-lane   http://www.lolpro.com/guides/game-play/175-game-play-guide-pushing   http://www.lolpro.com/guides/game-play/166-game-play-guide-last-hitting http://www.lolpro.com/guides/game-play/171-game-play-guide-duo-lane     This link is an example of a build, the set of items, runes, and masteries used by individual champions in game. This build was written by a profession player who made it to the semifinals of the World League Championship Season, and it provides excellent results every game. Remember, the order in which you buy your items determines the outcome of the game.   http://www.lolpro.com/guides/ashe/87-ashe-guide-duo-bot-by-crs-cop   If you read all of these, we'll see you up here with the gods very soon.
  9. Should I start over or go on with my old account

    This forever. Ranks are reset at the end of the season, so nothing is to be lost, and you already have a set of cool champs, and maybe even a unique skin. Also, if you ditched it due to punk bitches in the queue, Zombiehugs and I can help fix that for you. I'm posting screenies of my match history after we finish carrying the earth tonight. EDIT: Also, If you haven't already check out LoLpro.com, please do. It will set you ahead so far that no one can stand in your way. Please send me your IGN so that I can send you some personalized professional(diamond or up) builds.
  10. Phantasy Star Online 2

    Please leave a post on this thread if you do decide to download the game so that I can personally gauge the amount of people joining the game to help coordinate teamspeak and to maintain mission and team efficiency.   I play daily, and there is a free mail system, so I am easily reached.   I so far play with one friend in person, and more than 10 people I met in game actively(twice a week or more), so I can vouch for the game's lasting power. My IGN is Fibonacci My Game Account name is Arcturon, if you can't find me with my Player Name.   Current ADK Player Roster:   *Reserved for future use*   Current ADK Teamspeak Channel:   *Reserved for future use*
  11. Phantasy Star Online 2

    A japanese MMORPG that allows players to role-play as an ARKS member, a space mercenary corporation that specializes in saving the lives of innocent and valuable specimens and native species. The story is continued from the console games Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Blue Burst, and Phantasy Star Universe, respectively. The ARKS, formerly GUARDIANS, routinely eradicate threats to native populations, when one day, a new alien threat arises with a capacity to infect, enslave, and provoke violence between them by infesting their bodies with a dark energy(or something?). These are controlled by an entity that is currently unknown to me. These invaders MUST be eradicated as soon as they are discovered, as they are capable of space travel and extreme mobility when well evolved. This game will not be released to America for two years, and the patch process can be frustrating and tricky, although it does not have to be. It is doubtful that many will play this game, but those who try it are likely to like it. Upwards of 90% of the new people I add to my friends consistently level up, indicating persistent activity. A vast majority of the people playing the game speak Japanese primarily, and the game has only been translated through patches, therefore making it tricky to master and difficult to understand without translation patches at the very least. This game is not scheduled for release in North America for two years, so many will find that internet connection will not allow them to party effectively. This will not adversely affect game play, as the game uses a few very unique systems to counter low activity.   Here are the guides for installing and patching the game, as well as some gameplay guides for use after installing the game. http://kotaku.com/5928484/cant-wait-for-phantasy-star-online-2-heres-how-to-play-the-japanese-version ^ This guide is used for initial install. Follow every step, and the process will go without fault. Be sure to follow EVERY step. http://bumped.org/psublog/pso2-guide-list/ ^ This is a link to a set of guides that are very helpful in assisting new players as well as providing advice and in depth information on late game mechanics, items, and quests.   The game uses a Block system similar to WoW's Realm system. I use Ship 06, Ken. Feel free to send me a message concerning anything else you might want to know, or if you feel there is anything important to add.   The game uses real-time combat, meaning that combat moves are initiated as soon as the are used. Below are some gameplay videos. These illustrate gameplay in a midgame area, the tundra on planet Naberius. This video is not translated at all, while the game with the patch is translated to about 50% of the content, featuring a VERY fast real-time item name translator.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtiNTo_a45Y
  12. Blow darts and tanks and 'dro

  13. Coming in from PS2, I also enjoy LoL.

    Thanks fellas.  
  14. Just restart on LoL

    You read LoLpro guides, right? Add me if you do. Arcdaemon is the IGN.
  15. Should I download this again?

    LoL is one of my favorite games, but it can be one of the hardest to enjoy. I find a lot of reassurance in my own ability when I play with people who have actually read guides on advanced gameplay, like guides on pushing and zone control. I find it provides much more polite team mates.   I'd download it again.

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