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    FlurpDurp got a reaction from Kartoff in No Man's Sky   
    Is anybody bloody excited for No Man's Sky?
    Game has an amazing art style with randomly and community built worlds, ships, weapons, flora, etc
    Seems like if they pull it off it will be groundbreaking and I hope to see ADK play a role in this new adventure awaiting us

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    FlurpDurp reacted to AOBLXIX in Titanfall Giveaway Courtsey of Respawn Enterainment and EA   
    There will be another giveaway coming up soon - the other 2 have been completed on their respective social media platforms and winners were announced there.  
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    FlurpDurp reacted to Nova in please help a poor gamer   
    Always impresses me the charity and support ADK has!
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    FlurpDurp reacted to Bromance in Why the end of the $60 video game is near.   
    There's a war going on in the video game world, but it's over dollar signs, not virtual land.
    A boxed copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the world's top-selling console game, costs $60.Angry Birds, the world's biggest mobile game franchise, costs $1 for software that you can download in under a minute. The pricing gap between what's traditionally considered the highest-tier premium games and the fast-evolving mobile, tablet, and social gaming market is widening, and it's spelling disaster for countless game makers caught in the middle.
    According to The NPD Group, physical content sales were down 8% in 2011. This year hasn't been a cakewalk either, with sales continuing to slide. Though some of the blame can rightfully be foisted upon the decline of the once-mighty Wii, it's apparent that people aren't buying games like they used to, and the industry is scrambling to figure out why. But most agree that it begins — and likely ends — with the high cost of new games.
    The sentiment that games cost too much is certainly not new. Wired's Chris Kohler recently outlined a list of reasons games cost too much and combated the argument that the used game market can be blamed. Nexon America's CEO Daniel Kim told GamesIndustry International that "Free-to-Play" games (often called "Freemium" because users are incentivized to pay small premiums for more content) are not going away and the traditional model will have to change.
    He's right. $60 has always been an embarrassing, crippling barrier of entry compared to gaming's entertainment peers. A brand new book, DVD, or CD rarely breaks the $20 mark, and even the highest tier Blu-rays cap out at around $30. Why are new games so pricey?
    Publishers have long blamed console games' high price on a plethora of issues. Skyrocketing development costs is a biggie, as is piracy. Most recently, publishers are taking aim at the used game market, charging that the buying and selling of used merchandise is taking cash out of their pockets.But whatever impact on profitability these concerns have, it doesn't change two monumental problems:
    - Psychologically, $60 just sounds expensive. This isn't anecdotal, this is common sense.  Unless you're financially independent, $60 outright repels a vast slice of the entertainment consumer populace that the games industry desperately needs to convert to grow and survive.
    - People are having fun playing more affordable games. The choice and product quality at the bottom end of the pricing scale -- anything under $15 or so -- has grown tremendously in a relatively short period of time. Games like Draw Something, Angry Birds, and Infinity Blade aren't only played by 'casual' gamers.
    That being said, the top perennial franchises like Halo, Elder Scrolls, Battlefield, and Madden aren't going anywhere, at least for a while longer. Games that critics and consumers universally laud as "must-haves" can continue to support this massive premium.  But it's the mid-tier titles, the unestablished IPs, the riskier endeavors, the worthwhile games that don't quite master the magic formula, that will never get off the ground. Even highly-praised franchise entries like Rayman Origins struggle, and publishers like THQ have been threatened with NASDAQ delisting despite enjoying sales that "exceed expectations." Black Rock, creators of critical darlings Pure and Split/Second, were denied sequels by publisher Disney to focus on freemium content and eventually shuttered entirely.
    The most egregious example of old-school thinking is the release of Plants vs. Zombies on PlayStation Vita.  One of the rarer "crossover" successes, the game costs $3 on the iPhone but a whopping  $15 on the Vita for an identical product. Why? Because it's a dedicated gaming device and core gamers are accustomed to paying higher premiums. How long can this madness last?
    It's not just Facebook and smartphones that threaten to steal that audience. The consoles themselves have thriving online stores in Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, offering gaming alternatives with high production value and more relaxed pricing. Just look to successes like Battlefield 1943 (over 1MM units sold), Xbox's Castle Crashers (sold 2.6 million), and recent PS3 hit Journey, which quickly became the PSN's fastest-selling title ever.
    If the Old Guard would just drop the charade that $60 is the only feasible price point, they might find an unexpectedly higher volume of purchasers to mitigate the reduced revenue per gamer. I realize that the $60 Call of Duty costs some tens of millions more to develop, market, and distribute than the $1 Angry Birds, but is there really a $59 differential there? Someone wiser than me in economics can surely model up a theory that finds a middle ground.

    [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/index.html/_/gaming-news/why-the-end-of-the-60-video-game-is-near-r252]Click here to view the article[/url]
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    FlurpDurp reacted to Soru_Roku in Hello ADK   
    Hi, I'm Soru Roku, and I've been interested in Joining ADK for a while. I'm 20, and I currently live in southern New Jersey. I play mostly RPGs, MMOs, and First person Shooters, but I tend to play other games as well, such as Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, Age of Empires, Etc.
    I am open to try any games people suggest, and I prefer to play with groups rather than playing solo.
    You can find me on the teamspeak server or you can also send a friend request to my Steam profile, Soru Roku (Demopan).
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    FlurpDurp got a reaction from Area51Brett in BF4 Second Assualt DLC Weapons Confirmed/China Rising Map Names   
    Idd love to see them do another Vietnam expansion like for Bad Company 2. It would be amazing in Frostbite 3!!!! But the maps should be more like the real Battlefield Vietnam. Open battles with older jets an helis an such. It sorta fits the sceem of china an the US too
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    FlurpDurp got a reaction from Area51Brett in BF4 Second Assualt DLC Weapons Confirmed/China Rising Map Names   
    Idd love to see them do another Vietnam expansion like for Bad Company 2. It would be amazing in Frostbite 3!!!! But the maps should be more like the real Battlefield Vietnam. Open battles with older jets an helis an such. It sorta fits the sceem of china an the US too
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    FlurpDurp reacted to Bromance in BF4 Second Assualt DLC Weapons Confirmed/China Rising Map Names   
    Sounds like a little bit of MOH War fighter equipment to me. Of course I was of the 3% who liked the game so looking forward to it!!!!
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    FlurpDurp reacted to slickfootanna in Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend   
    I played for a few hours. I was getting really annoyed by the map and quests. The quests kept disappearing from the map after I clicked for it to track them. So each time I wanted to look up a location it disappeared.
    Liking it so far. :)
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    FlurpDurp reacted to Pepsi in BF4 Double XP Week   
    Begin double XP on American Thanksgiving day. Way to cause more drama in gamers homes.

    AOB: Pepsi it's double XP stock our servers!!
    Pepsi: Its Thanksgiving bro :(
    AOB: Then be thankful I'm letting you breathe!!!
    Pepsi: *ok face*

    But yeah, kind of a dick move starting it on a holiday.
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    FlurpDurp reacted to Pepsi in Do I win anything   

    Few things..

    Please know that the crashing is not our fault and we are very diligent in getting servers up and going ASAP and repopulating them as soon as we notice a crash.

    If you have Teamspeak feel free to join us anytime to chat or just hang out and listen. This would also be a really fast way to get ahold of us when a server does go down so we can correct problems quick.

    If you spend all this time on our servers and enjoy them then maybe join ADK? We are a bunch of laid back and relaxed group and very active in our site, Teamspeak and servers. Just a thought you know?

    As for being ranked #1 the only thing I can give you is a Grats! for now but this gives me a idea tho. Have to run it by our fearless leader first.
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    FlurpDurp reacted to CaGregorio in Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend   
    @[member='FlurpDurp'] yep i filled out a beta form a while ago and stated all i could about the many hundred of hours i have played their games, it not in the thousands.  I have over 400 in just Oblivion.  Just have to keep hopping that at some point I get in.  If not oh well, will still try out the game when it finally comes out next year.  
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    FlurpDurp reacted to MereUncrowned in Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend   
    Been playing the hell out of it.

    Great looking game. Obvious mechanic issues in combat and some non combat oddities but overall very well done and exactly what I'd look for in an elder scrolls game.

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    FlurpDurp reacted to CaGregorio in Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend   
    @[member='Erick'] @[member='FlurpDurp']

    How did you guys get keys......i want one. Been trying for so long.
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    FlurpDurp reacted to Joshpghvet in Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend   
    Well if you guys can please post a lil more detailed gaming experience. I am very interested! I have played the Elder Scrolls franchise and forgot all about beta testing for the game. I am now signed up :)  Hopefully its a good one.  This is a game I plan on buying once released. Hope I can  get into the next beta session. 
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    FlurpDurp reacted to Erick in Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend   
    Same I only played about an hour last night and it was pretty decent gonna be playing a lot today!
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    FlurpDurp got a reaction from Erick in Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend   
    So the server is finally stable. Is anybody playing this weekend? I've only had the chance to play about an hour or so but so far it looks and plays better then expected
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    FlurpDurp reacted to Bromance in Caspian Border First Look   

    I agree with most of your statement. EA even stated they will never charge for map packs on PC. These small expansion packs though include new vehicles, weapons, achievements and maps plus more crap.

    I too got a bit flustered with remade maps. But watching what Dice did was a lot more than a retexture. They added a lot, arguably remade each map.

    From what I read still 2nd assault still is suppose to have 4 unique maps and 4 fan favs for a total of 8. Hopefully not a miss type.

    Back a few years ago, remade maps where just retextured to the newer engine and nothing more. No other items shipped with map packs like they do know. Hence why they label them expansions versus map packs.
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    FlurpDurp reacted to RigorMortiis in The Elder Scrolls Online:   
     Its not tho .. that's just a narrow opinion that's based on the fact that all MMO's are like WoW.. when in fact that's way off .. its gonna be nothing like WoW .. I welcome the new mmo and the style of gaming its gonna bring to the MMO world.  I'm tired of boring point and click action bars .  and TESO is gonna change all that .. and on top of that .. in a world with lore we have all come to love and respect .. I can't wait :)  games can't stay the same forever .. eventually you get people saying "its the same game over and over again"  look at COD  as an example .. same game different skin over and over . sorry but Skyrim .. was a major letdown .. TES (IMHO )  has been taking a turn for the worst after morrowind.. its become generic .. hand holding garbage with no actual way to FAIL the game . its no longer elder scrolls .. its no longer deep .. its a change that HAS to happen .      I miss when in game NPC conversations changed the game .. or locked you out of quests for killing someone .. or getting caught stealing . and the only way to ever get that quest again was on a new toon. THAT is Elder scrolls...    Oblivion and Skyrim were kiddie games and I'm glad VERY glad to see they are moving on and away from that tripe.    It might not be the greatest MMO that's ever going to launch .. but its gonna be a welcome change to the MMO world.    maybe its just me ..   but I highly doubt it .
     ^ take note of my awesome grammar lol :P ^
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    FlurpDurp reacted to chili_nor in Caspian Border First Look   
    The forest reminds me of Heavy metal from Bad Company 2. Love it!
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    FlurpDurp reacted to mitchellwbooks in tc:the division   
    what do you guys think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=njfj6KwEAfg
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    FlurpDurp reacted to Zsadist in The Elder Scrolls: Online Beta - Anyone else get an invite? :D   
    Full pass of course. 
    I think I got a weekend beta on SWTOR once. But one of my other emails got a full access beta key. 
    When I sign up for betas. I use 7-10 emails and aliases. lol. 
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    FlurpDurp reacted to Zsadist in The Elder Scrolls: Online Beta - Anyone else get an invite? :D   
    Yeah. I gave my 3 beta keys to my brothers. 
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    FlurpDurp reacted to slickfootanna in The Elder Scrolls: Online Beta - Anyone else get an invite? :D   
    Ok change in events.
    So I signed up back in January and I did NOT receive an email but a buddy of mine is going out of town this weekend (Thasnkgiving and whatnot) and is giving me HIS beta key!!!!!
    Yayyyyyyy!!!  :D  :D  :D
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    FlurpDurp reacted to desdiinova in The Elder Scrolls: Online Beta - Anyone else get an invite? :D   

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