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  1. Anybody get in? I got mine was wondering if anybody else in ADK did.  lolokeys on PSN any thoughts on it? Like the newb island lol
  2. got a PS4 for 200 bucks. not a bad day :)

    1. RigorMortiis


      Sweet. I rock a PS4 as well.. currently.. GTA 5,destiny(garbage),the Crew,Diablo 3 and a few others. PSN- MortiisGrimlock add me up if ya like.

    2. FlurpDurp


      sicky ill add you. i love playing war thunder on it. destiny was a huge let down but i knew it would be so i waited tell i found a copy for 20 bucks :)

  3. Any other DJ's or EDM lovers in ADK?

    I started producing hip hop in high school and was in a few punk rock art rock bands then a friend got me int DJ'Ing in about 05' and I've been doing it as a hobby ever sense. Played shows, bars and house party's for a few years. Just seeing if anybody else shares a similar story :)
  4. Hello everyone!

    Welcome an see you in DayZ
  5. It's my birthday. -_-

  6. ESO time. Shartticus. add me lol

  7. No Man's Sky

    Is anybody bloody excited for No Man's Sky? Game has an amazing art style with randomly and community built worlds, ships, weapons, flora, etc Seems like if they pull it off it will be groundbreaking and I hope to see ADK play a role in this new adventure awaiting us http://youtu.be/vs1cCg47rJc
  8. Gamespot gave ADK showed ADK on a new video of PS2. Props soldiers!!

  9. good job @Timberock keep pumping out games for ADK to dominate 
  10. Elder scrolls beta anybody >^.^<

  11. fuck respawn entertainment

    1. Zlizz


      sounding like Titanfall is a new shity game from EA

    2. FlurpDurp


      its garbage, running it on max settings besides shadows and it dosnt look great, the game play is hardly enjoyable, 6v6 matches with bots... woooooooow

      if it was a F2P game i might play it but i wouldn't pay over $10 for the game. i know its a beta but shit i payed $30 for alpha DayZ, i played the elder scrolls online beta and it seemed great "the price plan is sort of insane though" and they show so much more promise thin this. maps were bleh, guns were lop sided...

  12. Wish I got in the titanfall beta :(

    1. FlurpDurp


      fuck respawn i just got my beta key but its for an xbox one so i cant use it and there support web site is down. apparently they sent out over 30,000 xbox one keys to pc gamers

  13. Hello ADK

    Bump! Get this guy in so we can play some ESO!! Lol
  14. woo got fired from my job -_- at least i have 2 others. fml

  15. Got a flat tire for Xmas woot

  16. Idd love to see them do another Vietnam expansion like for Bad Company 2. It would be amazing in Frostbite 3!!!! But the maps should be more like the real Battlefield Vietnam. Open battles with older jets an helis an such. It sorta fits the sceem of china an the US too
  17. So the server is finally stable. Is anybody playing this weekend? I've only had the chance to play about an hour or so but so far it looks and plays better then expected
  18. Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend

    Ya slick I had that issue a bit at first but then just set primary quest on what you're doing and it cut all that out for me. Just filled out the server and got two emails from them so hopefully I get into the next round
  19. Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend

    @[member='MereUncrowned'] exactly wish it was a week long :( didn't have enough time but found some bugs an submitted them hope we can get back in the next round. @[member='Cagregorio'] be patient it took forever for my invite I'm sure you'll get a beta key in the next round or two @[member='MrSnipe1'] I don't understand I had the opposite experience. Besides the stupid toutorial section that was more MMO style after you start going to new city's an group up or solo missions "witch is awesome that allot of the missions they play just like elder scrolls games an not the lock on 12345 style combat of MMO's" the city's look like they belong there, the characters gear, loot system ambient sound and everything just felt like an elder scrolls game for me. Besides the fact allot of places felt that they were empty, not enough buildings or vegetation to give you the sense of reality to get lost in but I'm sure that will be fixed. And don't forget the god awful voice acting that's exactly what you expect from elder scrolls. And I loved the character creator, I can't wait to play it again and see the combat between the factions. Biggest issue I had is I didn't make it to morrowind :( lol
  20. So elder scrolls online is sorta neeto

  21. What are you listening to right now?

    Mushroom Head - XX Amazing metal album
  22. Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend

    Had to agree to the NDA. Also can't stream it or take scream shots because it shows your email address faded on it in like 8 spots lol Ill tell you after you get out of the Tutorial "for red guards at least" you go to a middle eastern looking town and the land scap and towns look great. It dosnt look or play like any MMO I've every played. It's plays like morrowind/skyrim/oblivion except there's allot of people running around with stupid names. If they fix the things that come with betas I have no problem paying monthly for it. @[member='Cagregorio'] we signed up the fist day. I've beta tested a few games MMO's an that helps when you fill out the application. Star Wars Galixies, Star Wars THe Old Republic, Everquest for PS2 and MAG for ps3 to name a few. Played all of the elder scrolls games from dagger fall onward. Tell them how many hours you spent on elder scrolls games "over 350+ hours on morrowind for Xbox alone lol"

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