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    West Coast

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  • PlanetSide 2

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    Windows 7
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    GTX 660
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    Antec 520 High Current
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    256G SSD
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    Onboard Surround 5.1
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    Vizio 46", Acer 17"
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    Logitech G500, Corsair Vengeance K95, Roccat Kave
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  1. Member Picture Thread

    Me and my buddy upon one of the many machines we keep running. Hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, or mechanical, we fix it all. I just wish we had a Nano-Armor Kit !  
  2. No Twitch (not Not Witch), lol

    Hi NoTwitch!   I'm new to ADK also, and I've had fun running with you! Cool in-game name!   Also, sorry for the TK the other day, my MAX shotties have a bit of spread.   Share cake anyway?
  3. Greetings

    Thanks everyone!   Yeah, lots of peeps these days have to look up a Commodore 64 to know what it was, lol. X-Gen rules ! ...at least we think so, haha!   See ya in TS!
  4. Hey all from ialoneloveyou

    I've been in your platoons, I like rolling with you. Also thanks for letting me squad lead. See you on the battlefield !!
  5. New Recruits

    Hi all,   Thank you for letting me continue to game with you even though I was rejected as a member.  I am not a big forum poster, It will be hard for me to get that many posts, but maybe someday....   You are all a real fun group and I look forward to more enjoyment running with you all !!!   John
  6. Greetings

    Hi,   Iv'e gamed since the time of Atari 800 and Comodore 64. Played a lot of text based games because graphics could not keep up with many players. But now Iv'e found Planetside 2 to be a great FPS keeping up with huge numbers. I don't particularly like 3rd person games. I use the name TorquedOff in reference to me being a heavy equipment mechanic. Glad to see you all on Auraxis, live free in the NC!   John

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