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  1. [Suggestions] Just a "few" changes

    So... Is this all wishful thinking then?
  2. Heyo! I've only just got back to ADK after being away for quite some time, thought I'd leave a mark by making a few suggestions to your lovely discord server and the community as a whole! Commence the walls of text! 1. Less channels but more channels with purpose! - So something I've noticed is that a lot of the channels aren't being used currently and it's using up a lot of space. I think it's a shame that there are so many channels covering up the active ones and it would be awesome if we could cut some of these less used ones out and try to put more focus onto the games! For example I think the Admin/member of the month could be removed and pushed into announcements and then when those sorts of announcements are made, they could be pinned and the member could be given a tag to represent that MVM. Maybe it'd also be a plan to cut out some of the less played games, so only the popular games (for now) have their own sections dedicated to them it means that when people come along that really love a particular game (like I love heroes of the storm) we can try to put in effort to make our player base big enough to deserve a section all to ourselves! It also feels as though too many channels that aren't accessible by normal members or below are visible, it's cluttery and difficult to figure out what you're able to do and not, while I appreciate it the old Teamspeak times I think it'd be cool to make use of the awesome streamlined options that discord itself has to offer 2. Admin roles aren't defined in the welcome channel (also why isn't it called a welcome channel) - At the moment if you aren't experienced with ADK or don't take the time to view the roles on the website, or maybe you forgot and need to remind yourself, there's no way view these roles in an easy way. it'd be awesome if the welcoming channel mentioned the admin roles and who to look out for, not just for the users, but to bring a bit of attention to our beloved admins who put their efforts into looking out for us and our community. 3. Incentive for joining in with game nights, events, town halls, and other weekly gatherings! - Currently there's no real incentive to join in with events, it'd be really awesome if we had some sort of point system in place to track our time spend at events, maybe this could be tied into being a full fledged member. At the start of each event you could take attendance of each member who has shown up to the event, even giving bonus points to those who posted on the forums and then shown up! This would gamify the gatherings, and make it easier to track for member of the month! 4. Interviews! Get out our recruitment admins and get them to talk to new members, give them a helping hand into the community until they find their feet! - I always loved an interview system, and thought it was a seriously important part of bringing new people into the fold, it demonstrates the importance of our community and how much we care about who joins. I know that this is a time consuming one, but this all could be condensed down into googledocs or something similar to try to make the interview flow faster, it'll be easier to explain systems like the incentive system on voice if that was to come into play, and you can also take the individual and introduce them into a current group of players. I have a firm belief that as a recruiter you don't just bring people into the community, you make sure they are situated and happy, that's what we're all here for at the end of the day. A recruit role would be perfect for this too, being able to see the difference between the lurkers who joined only to not take part, and those who joined to have their interview would be perfect for the application process here on the forums! 5. Too many admin roles for discord to look nice, maybe condense some down into each other? - I can imagine this is going to be something people will disagree with, mainly because I know teamspeak allowed for you to have tons of roles and it looked good doing it. But maybe it's time to try to shorten the list a little and condense these roles into each other, maybe making good use of the none separate tags. 6. Keep Donor channels hidden from other members unless Donor asks for it to be opened for particular people? - Another idea that might not sound so good, but the reason I suggest this is because it's adding to a lot of the clutter that's currently in the server section again taking away from all the games that are being actively played. 7. Some harsher rules for channels and using images without much context? - Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the general chat and the spam chat, maybe it'd be an idea to enforce harsher rules for this and to set discussion titles for the channels in question? 8. Limit new users to a "NEW USER" category? - They have access to view the rules and the welcome, and have an intro chat. The intro chat can have a welcome message that pings certain admins to come and "interview" them or give them a guest tag. This could stop spam in the normal chats and allow the admins to be the ones to integrate new members rather than trolls etc running rampant if they were to come across the server. The intro server will be hidden once the user has tags, as it should be only visible to brand new users and admins. That's all I have at the moment, I'm sure there's a lot of things that can be done to make things just a little better around here, but hey one step at a time . Hopefully in any next discussions these could be brought up somewhere ^^. Oh also just for clarification sakes, my discord name is Zheran I just haven't gotten around to changing my name on here yet.
  3. Blade & Soul Coming to the West!

    As someone who has played on both the Korean servers and the Russian private server and knows the ins and outs of the industry, it would not be in their best interest to release the game as  a pay to play, considering the fact that the Korean servers are free and there's already a giant user base that is also English playing on the Russian servers.  They'd loose a giant fan base purely because of that, also keeping in mind that there are a lot of games already biting into the none click to kill combat system and doing well at it. On top of that the game has been in the harmonization stage for some time with no actual word until recently, the fanbase as more than moved on or gone to the Russian server. From my perspective the story is good, not fantastic but good, I had fun playing it, in terms of the gameplay it is your same old dusty MMO, just with very pretty graphics, as far as questing and leveling is concerned obviously the Korean version is far more grind based compared to the harmonized version that will be released for the western audiences and so I can't really give my opinion on the direction they'll take that.  Just be aware that any comparisons to how the game is in the Korean version will probably be fairly different to the western, it's just how it is, the western audience demands less of a grind based game and more "story" and interesting quest lines.
  4. To all the EUW players!

    Since I want to start working on doing some events like 5v5 on summoners rift or even dominion if it's in favour, I would like everyone who is interested and is available to play on EUW to post below!                                                                                                *ADK Members get top priority while setting the games up*
  5. Players Info Only for L.O.L

    IGN: Zheniro / Hye Kyung Rank: Silver 1 / Plat 3 Server: EUW Timezone: GMT Teamspeak: Hye Kyung
  6. The New Tier in League of Legends

    @[member='Joey'] They wont be reseting LP as far as I'm aware, I think it would be too much with the new system and would honestly put even the most dedicated of player off the game. I highly doubt that's their intention.
  7. Welcome to the LoL section Phreez! A ton of us are active on teamspeak if you ever want people to talk to or play with.
  8. Hey! Introducing myself finally

    Welcome to the forums and Welcome to the League of Legends side, looking forward to seeing you around and playing with you!
  9. Diamond to Master to Challenger! A new system is said to be in development by riot to prevent the vast amount of players that are currently sat in Diamond 1.  They are creating a new tier, said to be the master tier! Although this said, the challenger rotation will be more harsh and more demanding and will only be the "best".            Personally I think this change is a good idea, but I wonder how it will effect the competitive attitude of the challenger tier, as things may get a lot more heated going into game.  What do you guys think on this up coming change? Do you think it will reshape the attitude of players in the higher tiers? Or maybe it will do nothing and just become the next "Diamond" tier.
  10. I'm back

    Welcome back!~ Hope I can catch you on sometime so I can meet you :o
  11. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    Already dealing with it >.>'
  12. Im the NEW Recruiter for LOL

    Welcome to the team Dowin! I'm glad to have you with us :p   I have a few members in mind already for League recruiter, and It'd be prefered if they were EUW at least since Dowin is NA :p  If phreak is able to help us on EUW too then that'd be great. But otherwise I need people to help us out over on EUW.
  13. NA Ranked Team

    I think this is a great idea and I'll do anything I can to support you! Everyone post if you are interested!
  14. Can someone please help me get out of b5?

    I can't play on OCE but I'm still more than willing to offer advice for your games if that helps? :o
  15. Free Social Network Skins & Champs

    I believe that the Garen skin for EUW players follows a different twitter account. Edit: Heres the link to follow and collect your Garen skin for EUW - https://twitter.com/loleu

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