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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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    Battlefield, war thunder, GTA, and hockey

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    Windows 7 pro
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    ASUS P9X79 PRO
  • Processor
    Intel i7 3930k
  • Graphics
    GTX 690
  • PSU
    ThermalTake 1500 watt PSU
  • RAM
    32 gb corsair vengeance
  • Storage
    512 gb samsung SSD
  • Audio
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    Dell ultrasharp 2k
  • Case
    ThermalTake level 10 gt LCS
  • Peripherals
    Logitech g510 KB, razer naga epic mouse
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  1. introduction

    Welcome to ADK! Hope to see you on the battlefield!
  2. Dragoons Introduction

    Welcome to the forums!
  3. Best FPS Gaming Mouse?

    I like the razer naga due to the fact that you can use the numpad on the side to quickly switch between weapons/gear.
  4. Crazy Jet gameplay!

    Watching this stuff really makes me wish I didn't suck at jets haha, thought you guys would enjoy if you haven't seen it already.   [video=youtube;72x2zLLG_dE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72x2zLLG_dE[/video]
  5. Some battlefield p0wnr

    Nice guitar, welcome!
  6. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

      still need to get some cable management going..   He likes my rig!
  7. Boba's having surgery on Thursday.

    Best of luck to you, boba!
  8. Cookie Clicker Club

      [i][b]"You could have stopped it..[/b][/i]    [i]-grandma[/i]
  9. Brutalsauce reporting for duty.

    welcome to the party brutal!
  10. Recommended..windows 8? I heard that the only reason windows 8 would be better is for lower end systems so that they could take advantage of directx 11.1's better optimization, but with the recommended CPU/GPI that shouldn't be a problem.
  11. cant wait for gta v!

    1. Element


      just sure if i should jump the gun :/

  12. cool, I really do hope this has dedicated servers..hopefully steam will have a sale for this game after its release because all my money is going to BF4+premium
  13. I can't wait for the new destruction and jets..falling skyscrapers are pretty cool too :D
  14. CoD Ghosts Vs. Battlefield 4

    Bf4: Falling skyscrapers   Cod ghosts: Fish AI
  15. hello

    my name is matthew and I love the battlefield series. I used to play bf3 on console because my old pc could barely run minecraft, but now I got my new rig going and im playing on pc now..god ive been missing out! i also want to try out planetside 2 when i can get done downloading it (I have a DSL internet connection)   I live in los angelas california, and I go to hawaii 4 months out of the year to visit family there.   anyways, i hope to apply to be a member soon and ill see you guys on the battlefield!

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